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Fluid Film FAQ's


If I spray Fluid FilmŪ on a painted surface, will it harm the paint?

Fluid FilmŪ will not harm paint. It can be sprayed directly on painted surfaces without any harmful effects.

Will Fluid FilmŪ adversely affect plastic or rubber?

No, Fluid FilmŪ has no adverse effects on plastics or synthetic rubber. On 100% natural rubber, some swelling can occur.

Can I paint over a surface treated with Fluid FilmŪ?

Because Fluid FilmŪ leaves a wet, non-drying film and imbeds itself in the pores of the metal, any surface treated with Fluid FilmŪ should be wiped down with a good biodegradable cleaner before painting.

Will Fluid FilmŪ remove rust?

Fluid FilmŪ is not formulated to remove rust. However, if applied over existing rust, it will stop it immediately from spreading further. Fluid FilmŪ will penetrate rust and rust scale to the base metal, loosening and easing in the removal process.

Will Fluid FilmŪ work on battery terminals?

Fluid FilmŪ is an excellent way to protect battery terminals. Because Fluid FilmŪ is non-conductive, make your connections before applying. The non-drying characteristics of Fluid FilmŪ will provide long term protection in this application.

Does Fluid FilmŪ attract dirt?

Because Fluid FilmŪ remains wet, it will get an initial dusting upon application, but because it contains no solvents and will not become sticky, it will not gum up or create a build up of dirt.

Is Fluid FilmŪ Biodegradable?

No, Fluid FilmŪ is not biodegradable.

Will Fluid FilmŪ harm electrical connections?

No. Fluid FilmŪ is non-conductive and will not harm electrical connections. Make sure that all connections are made before applying Fluid FilmŪ.

Will Fluid FilmŪ work in locks?

Fluid FilmŪ works very well in locks. Fluid FilmŪ will provide long term lubrication in a lock assembly. In cold weather applications, Fluid FilmŪ will keep locks from freezing, and since Fluid FilmŪ contains no solvent, it will not get gummy or create a build-up of dirt. Do not over-apply; a light application is all that is necessary.

I've heard that Fluid FilmŪ will condition my work boots? Is that true?

Fluid FilmŪ is an excellent leather conditioner, and will soften and weather proof leather work boots.

How is Fluid FilmŪ on snow equipment?

Fluid FilmŪ will prevent snow from sticking to snow blowers, snow shovels, snow mobiles, etc. and will also keep locks from freezing. It works in sub-zero weather conditions. Application may be required before each use.

How does Fluid FilmŪ work on Motorcycle chains?

Fluid FilmŪ is an all purpose chain lube due to its non-solvent application. Spray Fluid FilmŪ directly on the chain, wiping off excess with a clean rag. Fluid FilmŪ will migrate into all areas, providing long-lasting lubrication and protection from rust. Great on bicycle chains as well.

Can I use Fluid FilmŪ on firearms?

Yes. Apply Fluid FilmŪ to a clean dry rag, rubbing into metal surface as would be done with a polish or a wax. Will not leave fingerprints or affect bluing. The lanolin base of Fluid FilmŪ will also act as a conditioner on wood stock. Fluid FilmŪ will hold up in extreme conditions.

I have a gallon of Fluid FilmŪ and want to thin it down. How can I do that?

The first recommendation is to thoroughly mix the product. Fluid FilmŪ is thixotropic, and will get heavier upon sitting. Achieving room temperature with the product will help as well. If a thinner version is wanted, start by mixing a small amount of lightweight motor oil to the product until the desired consistency is reached.

Does Fluid FilmŪ dry out?

No. Fluid FilmŪ is a lanolin based product containing no solvents. It will not evaporate or dry from the surface. Fluid FilmŪ will leave a wet, non-drying film, that will provide long term corrosion protection on all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts.

Will Fluid FilmŪ stop grass from sticking to my lawnmower?

Wet grass will stick to almost any surface. Applying Fluid FilmŪ will prevent any corrosion from occurring and ease in removal of grass build up.

Does Fluid FilmŪ protect all metals?

Fluid FilmŪ will protect all metals from oxidation and atmospheric corrosion, including steel, copper, lead, tin and zinc. It will stop chrome and brass from pitting and aluminum and magnesium from oxidizing.

Can you use a pump type sprayer to spray Fluid FilmŪ in the bulk form?

No. Fluid FilmŪ needs to be sprayed at 60-80 psi. For larger applications, standard airless paint spraying equipment is required.

What makes Fluid FilmŪ different from the competition?

Where most products contain between seventy and ninety percent solvent, Fluid FilmŪ contains none except for its propellant, meaning long lasting lubrication and protection. With no solvent, Fluid FilmŪ won't evaporate or become sticky or gummy, allowing it to migrate to other areas for lubrication or protection. With its unique lanolin base, Fluid FilmŪ will actually embed itself in the pores of metal, resisting wash off and keeping moisture and oxygen from getting to the base metal. Containing no solvent content, Fluid FilmŪ lends itself to numerous applications where the comparative solvent-based products would not even be considered.

What is the bulk flash point of Fluid FilmŪ NAS?

The bulk flash point of Fluid FilmŪ NAS is 405 F.

Will Fluid FilmŪ burn greenery when applied to trimming or cutting devices?

No. Fluid FilmŪ will not burn greenery.

What is the Shelf life of Fluid FilmŪ?

The Shelf life of Fluid FilmŪ is indefinite. In its aerosol form, Fluid FilmŪ is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.

Has there been any outside testing conducted to show the effectiveness of Fluid FilmŪ?

Yes. The Department of the Navy conducted testing on maintenance products for Navy vessels and Fluid FilmŪ was found to provide superior performance. In fact, according to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, Philadelphia, PA where material testing took place, the difference in performance...profound...most telling result of all the testing accomplished for this project." The Naval Ammunition Depot in Pensacola Florida conducted tests to find safer products for corrosion preventatives, and Fluid FilmŪ was found to supply superior protection in salt water environments. Furthermore, the test results found "outstanding results" in direct exposure to the outside environment, and concluded with these findings: "The results of the tests preformed indicate a superiority in Fluid FilmŪ for long term corrosion protection. The properties of Fluid FilmŪ help to achieve a more environmentally safe work place." Testing was also done in an outside testing facility according to Salt Spray resistance - ASTM B117 standards where Fluid FilmŪ was tested against WD-40, CRC 3-36, Corrosion X and LPS-3. After 3 weeks exposure Fluid FilmŪ had a total surface corrosion of 1%, while the closest competitor contained 40% surface corrosion. Two of the other competitors had achieved 100% surface corrosion during this same period, proving once again the superior quality of Fluid FilmŪ.

How do I remove Fluid FilmŪ?

For easy removal of Fluid Film for the purpose of handling or inspection, a high pressure, cold-water pressure wash (1,000 – 3,000psi) is recommended. A standard, industrial strength pressure washer will suffice.

Fluid Film can also be removed by warm water detergent wash or with a commercial-grade biodegradable cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, one formulated to remove tough grease and grime deposits is advised.

Fluid Film can also be rubbed in like a wax if total removal of the product is not necessary, since Fluid Film is safe for use on paints and plastics. This will also offer extended protection of materials.

For equipment that is to be painted following a treatment of Fluid Film, a more vigorous cleaning is advised. A high-pressure, hot water or steam detergent wash (minimum 120F) is needed. Utilizing cleaning compounds specifically formulated to remove grease/wax as a pre-treatment process for painting are highly recommended.