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Before You Email, Time Saver Tips / FAQ's:

  1. Please Reference Your "Ordered By" Name + Email + Order Number, when Emailing us Order Questions
    If you placed an order and used your formal name "Dexter Snodgrass" but you always go by just "Skippy", Sorry we won't have a clue who Skippy is especially if Skippy doesn't reference the "Ordered By" name, email or doesn't include the order number. Note: The above also applies if your significant other/family member (with or without the same last name), neighbor, friend, etc... ordered for you with. PLEASE REFERENCE "Ordered By" information. :-)

  2. When will my order ship and why didn't I  get tracking numbers as soon as I ordered?
    Small items usually ship in a few days but the majority of our major products have weeks of lead time before they ship or tracking numbers are even created. The listed lead times are shown all over our website including the very page you purchased from and on your order receipt. You can trust our estimates up to date and accurate unlike some of today's fake news reports;-)


  3. Husqvarna / Sears Compatibility Check
    To check any of these tractors for compatibility WE NEED ONLY model numbers from under the SEAT (model numbers printed on service manuals are missing numbers) Also, the hood model number doesn't always help. Sending a clear picture of the label is good. In rare cases we are unable to look up some models. Then we ask for frame pictures. Instructions below

    Please send us some pictures of the front sides of the frame with the hood open
    from about 3 ft away and also one of the front with the hood closed from the
    same distance.
    Please do not show us measurements with tape measures and anything else we didn't ask for as it will only slow down the process... These pictures are only for ID purposes and nothing else.

***A special note to all of our great customers.***
 Johnny Products is growing and each order is our highest priority 

We've added additional staff to meet demand

Buckets, Plows and Sleeve hitches 1-3 weeks to ship from the date of purchase
Accessories 1-2 weeks to ship if in stock
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Calling vs Email FAQ's:

  1. I want to call you to get a quick answer?
    We don't staff personal to answer the phone but only return messages from it. It usually takes 2 days playing phone tag to even begin answer your questions. Please email us if you want answer an answer within hours.

  2. I feel calling is the easiest way to check compatibility with the Johnny Bucket?
    It's very difficult to answer this over the phone because 99% of the time we will request a model number and or detailed frame pictures that only can be done by email. If we find out it's compatible, we immediately email you the product page link.

(Phone calls returned within 2-4 days)

Keep in mind we don't staff personal to answer this number but only return messages from it.

414 328-1898

If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, there was a problem with your return email address.
Please Try Again!!    We want to hear from you!!

Johnny Products Facility Address FAQ's:

  1. Can I just stop by to see your products and ask questions?
    Sorry no, Our manufacturing facility is not insured for public access. We are an internet company ONLY and because of this we don't have a physical showroom or sales personal at this facility. Our sales dept and showroom are located on our website that is incredibly open 24 hrs a day and all questions can be answered through this email link. 

  2. Can I save money and pickup my order?
    Yes you can by appointment only. Upon pickup, only shipping charges will be refunded.

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