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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) before contacting us

Purchase Related FAQ's:

  1. I am worried about using my credit card on the internet and want to phone in my card information to be safer.
    Unfortunately when you phone them in, we and 99.9% of the rest of the internet business world have to go right back out onto that same internet and enter your credit card information just as if you would have ordered it through the website. Note: Our shopping cart has 128 bit encryption and is safe. Fact: You are more likely to get your credit card numbers stolen by handing over your credit card to restaurant personnel to pay for a meal or even a department store etc.....

  2. Please Do Not email credit card numbers.
    Emails are not are not as secure as a shopping cart. Yes, this sounds crazy but it really happened and that is why we have to mention it.

  3. Your shopping cart system says paypal and I don't have or want a paypal account.
    You do not need a paypal account to purchase from JP. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and if you do have a paypal account, you can use that too.

  4. My Debit Card gives me errors.
    When I try my debit card during checkout, I get an error. It is most likely because of a $1000/day spending limit on your card or you are using the wrong address. You will just need to call your bank and have them raise that limit temporarily for 24 hours so you can make the purchase. Note: If you are getting errors on the website and want to phone in your order, we will get the same errors on our end since we use the same terminal as you do online.

  5. Do you offer financing.
    Sorry, no.

Johnny Bucket and Plow Related FAQ's:

  1. Are Johnny Products made in the USA?
    Yes they are 100% made made in the USA one at a time.

  2. Do you give any discounts to lawn and garden dealers?
    Only if you would buy in quantities of 3 or more JB or Plow systems at a time.

  3. Can you make the Johnny Bucket Lift any higher?
    Sorry, no. If we could we certainly would have by now.

  4. Can you do a color other than black?
    Sorry no.

  5. Do you make custom width Johnny Buckets or plows?
    Sorry no.

  6. Can you mail me brochures?
    Sorry no The website is our brochure. Just click the print link on the product page. Walla!!, instant brochure

  7. Can I put a JBSr on a tractor that is only offered with a JBJr?
    Sorry no, if it was capable of handling a JBSr and the tractor had full hydraulics to power it, yes then there would be no reason why we wouldn't offer it as JBSr compatible tractor.

  8. Do you make one for Murray Lawn tractors?
    Sorry no, Murrays work well for mowing but unfortunately their frames have never been strong enough for the JBJr.

  9. Do we make them for ATV's including UTV's?
    Sorry no try Swisher

  10. Will you ever make one for ATV's including UTV's? 
    Sorry no, the market just isn't big enough, try Swisher

  11. Do you make Johnny Buckets or Plows for any Zero Turn mower?
    Sorry no.

  12. Will you ever make one for any Zero Turn mowers? 
    Sorry no, the market just isn't big enough.

Sleeve hitch Related FAQ's:

  1. Will the universal sleeve hitch fit my tractor?
    Yes of course it will with minor adjustments. The word "universal" means it will fit any tractor strong enough to pull a sleeve hitch tool and the extra weight of the tool.

  2. I know you say the universal fits my tractor but will it fit my tractor?
    See #1 and re-read as many times as necessary.

  3. Do you make a manual lift version Sleeve hitch?
    Sorry no, just electric.

Shipping Related FAQ's:

  1. How do you ship?
    We ship only UPS and no other.

  2. How much is shipping in the continental USA?
    All our shipping costs are a flat rate for each state on each product page. Note: Some states are a % higher of just the flat rate shipping cost.

  3. Can I use my own shipping service?
    Yes only if it's UPS or FedEx and there will be a $75 extra handling and shipping materials charge.

  4. Do you ship overseas?
    Sorry no. We only ship as far as Canada and Hawaii.

  5. Do you ship to Canada?
    Yes we do. We will need your full physical address and exactly what you want to purchase for an accurate quote.

  6. Do we know what the duties and taxes will be shipping to Canada?
    Sorry, we have no way of knowing that.

  7. Are duties and taxes included in shipping quote price to Canada?
    Sorry no, and you would pay them COD.

  8. Can you ship to a USA border town for a Canadian customer pickup.
    Yes we can and click here for ideas.

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