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Once you realize how well are products work by 1st by reading and 2nd by using,

Please return the favor to future possible customers that might be as skeptical as you once were

So please send us your pictures, YouTube links etc.. of your Johnny Bucket in use.

Your help is greatly appreciated


Ric R. and his JBJr for the new Cub Cadet GT2100 9-4-12

Hi John;

I saw a lot of pictures of your JRjr moving dirt, but could not ever remember one of it moving rocks.    I had a project which required the moving of a lot of large rocks to form a catch basin to drain runoff away.   I was apprehensive until they were delivered and I had a chance to try the JBjr.     Man was I pleasantly surprised.    I usually intentionally got smaller scoops so as not to over work it, but here are some pictures of what it would do and of the finished project.

I ordered the Universal Sleeve Hitch on a Friday and much to my surprise the very next Friday, one week later, UPS is delivering it to my house.     
Everything was there and arrived in great shape.     It is a very well made and solid unit.      I really like the racks for the suitcase weights, and their position.     The universal hitch bar is terrific and will save me  a lot of time removing and installing a ball, because it will now always be ready for use.     

Thank you for your great products and the very prompt service.

Ric R.

Thanks for sharing again and enjoy


Paul J and his JBJr for the Kubota G4200 8-18-12


Great product. It fit perfect.
Thanks Paul

Thanks for helping to get the measurements we needed to make the adaptor


Ric R. and his JBJr for the new Cub Cadet GT2100 7-28-12

Hi John;

Just a quick note to let you know I received my JBjr and how pleased I am with it.   Please add me to your list of satisfied customers.    It arrived Exactly 3 weeks from my order date which included the 4th of July.    UPS managed to shake up the large box containing the bucket enough to have broken and lost one strap which allowed something to shift enough to scrape up the decal on the bucket, but everything was in tact as it should be, and everything I needed to assemble and install was included.     I am very impressed with the quality of the material and craftsmanship.     I found the instructions to be complete and very easy to follow, however, I read each instruction several times to be sure I had it correct.      I spread the installation over 3 afternoons, because I wanted to go slow and be sure I didn't' screw something up and I was having trouble deciding where to put the toggle switches.    Once I decided on the perfect location for me, I realized I was going to be over the throttle and choke cables.    After a lot of measuring and anguishing I decided it would work and went ahead.   I managed to clear the cables (barely) and I am pleased with the location and the look of the switches on the dash.  As soon as I was finished I took it out to a pile of clay I have been wanting to move for years.    I'm still getting used to the new tractor, but when I took my time I could fill the bucket with material.      It lived up to its claims and more, and met or exceeded all my expectations.     Even though it is fun to use this is no toy, but rather a serious, well engineered piece of equipment capable of moving  lot of material.     I included a few pictures of the JBjr on my new GT2100 Cub Cadet and of the location of the switches. 


Thank you for making a great product;
Ric R.

Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy


Willie H. and his JBJr and Uni Sleeve for the Cub Cadet LTX1040 7-26-11


I’m Willie H. from Danville, VA. Received my Johnny Bucket Jr. today for my Cub Cadet LXT1040. I took my time and followed the directions, used everything that was included in my boxes. Your directions were so easy to follow that it only took me just over two hours to completely assemble my Johnny Bucket Jr. It is built to last and I know I will get years of service out of it.  My wife needed some dirt and we have some very rich dirt behind my garages. I tried her out without any weights or chains and she scraped up a bucket half  full and from there we kept going until my wife had enough, of course I wanted to keep going.

 This was money well spent. I won’t be doing any really hard work with it so it will work fine with my 1000 series Cub Cadet. Thank you for sharing your invention of a wonderful product so that we as well can enjoy the experience of getting the work done with out breaking our backs. It is so much fun to use, I look forward to the next task.

 I included some pictures taken with my smartphone. 


Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy


Scott K. JBJr for Cub Cadet 2000 series  7-17-11

Here are just some jobs the JBJr has done for Scott

It has done an outstanding job and I have done a lot of work with it as is.

  1. I have dug about 10 yards of clay out of my ground to use for landscaping purposes.
  2. Moved 44 tons of gravel.
  3. Used it with the tooth bar to rip up my old deck including the main posts that were 3 feet into the ground.
  4. Plowed all winter with it.
  5. Graded my driveway every time it rains.
  6. I used it to pick up the front of the tractor to make it easier to remove and re-install my deck.
  7. Used it over the winter to move 6 full cord of wood from the back of my property to my basement,
  8. Used it to leverage my tractor out of a ditch that I was widening (stuck in the mud used the bucket to help push myself backward out)  
  9. I have told everyone I know that this thing has been worth its weight in gold.  
  10. Oh almost forgot moved 3 dump truck loads of wood chips from some trees I had taken out.


Thanks for sharing how you used your JBJr
Enjoy and have a great day.

Kelly from Alberta Canada JBSr for John Deere 430 7-17-11 

Hello John. I received my JBSr July 15th and installed it Saturday morning.
Everything fit perfectly, hydraulics are smooth and strong. The toothbar  is a great asset for getting under
items and bushwhacking. Its worked a lot in the past two weeks without any trouble.
A very well built, high quality product.

Thank you, Kelly

Thank you very much for you comments.


Jerry W. JBSr for John Deere 455 4-29-11  Tornado aftermath Adams County, WI


I took a couple of pictures before I got started.  I did not get to use it too much that day but it really works great.  My oldest son was up there with me & he sure enjoyed using it.  We moved about 1/2 of the pile of wood chips after I pushed some of the brush back.  It worked like a small dozer.  I am 150% happy with it, if that is possible.  There are not too many things I am over 100% happy with.  I will try to get some pictures while using it later.  I have a lot of things to do & some wood I want to cut before the loggers come in.

Thanks again for your Super Service,

Thank you very much for taking the time to show us how the Johnny Bucket Sr is going to help you clean up after the tornado damage on your property.


Jim B. JBJr for New Craftsman PGT9500  4-14-11


Just wanted thank you for great service and the great product.
The Johnny Bucket installed very easy and fitted perfect, great designing.
Installed on the New Craftsman PGT9500 it's a very powerful piece of equipment.
The workmanship and material on the bucket and toothbar is of top quality and you should be very proud
of your work, there isn't very many companies out there that take pride in their work like you do..
I'm going on 75 years old and with this product I'll reach my goal of 100 now, it's going to save a lot of back pains
for sure.
I have 2-1/2 acres to keep up so it'll get a good workout.


Jim B.



Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we are doing. We do appreciate your kind words.
Enjoy and have a great day.

Customer with a John Deere 318 and JBSr 2010



Thank you very much for taking the time to post a video on YouTube. You are a natural with it


Rick S. and his JBJr and Uni Sleeve for the Cub Cadet 1200 Wide Frame 12-11-10


  Sorry to be so late in getting the photos taken.  I've had the busiest summer I've had in a very long time.

  Anyway, here's some photos of your universal sleeve hitch on the rear of my 1200 Cub Cadet.  This is a wide frame Cub Cadet.

   I had to use some bushings to make the old sleeve hitch/3 point hitch mounting holes a bit smaller.  The prior hitch holes seems to be standard on most makes of Cub Cadets FYI.  I'll have to take some measurements when I get time for the bushings and the bolts I used to mount your frame with.

  Other than that, your frame pretty much worked out.  I did some different things with the wiring as you'll see.

  I do have to tell you I am really enjoying my Cub Cadet with your upgrades.  I have moved a great deal of mulch and came back wanting to do more.  It is a wonderful way to get your mind off other things and enjoy the enhancements this tractor can now make.

Thanks for sharing with us


Marc S. JBJr for Massey Ferguson MF16  8-8-10


I apologize for the delay to send you the pictures but I've been out of the country and pretty busy...
The attached pictures shows the installation on my MF16.  If you detect something I did wrong, please let me know and I will correct it.  I used the bucket only few hours since the installation and let me say that I am very satisfied. Hours of fun ahead...
I compressed the pictures for the Email but if you want some at higher resolution or new ones of some details, just let me know.


Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing and all the great pictures.

We don't currently have a dedicated JBJr model for the MF16 but were able to mix and match components from other JBJr adaptors to come up with a pretty well fitting hitch as seen in the pictures. Great work Marc on finishing the adaptation!! It almost looks like it was made for it.


Jack M. JBJr for Craftsman GT5000 and John Deere X534 8-2-10


     First I would like to say having purchased a Johnny Bucket Jr in May of 2009 that it is the most versatile attachment I have ever purchased for a garden tractor.  It is a well made and well designed product, assembly and installation instructions were easy and concise.
    I have recently upgraded from the 2005 Sears Craftsman GT5000 to a 2010 John Deere X534,  I need a price list and order form of the brackets and any modifications needed to install my Johnny Jr to the John Deere.

Thank You,

Jack M 

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing and yes we can help with the new adaptor.


Duane B. JBSr for John Deere 318 7-27-10

I really like my Johnny bucket Sr. on my 318.  Great job on making this.

Thought I would share a couple pictures of it at work.



Duane B


Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.


Dave M. JBSr for Bolens HT23 6-12-10



Just wanted to let you know that I'm still enjoying owning and using your product. Please pass my compliments on to your team there at Johnny Bucket to let them know that there are people out there who really appreciate their good work. This goes for you, your engineers, and especially your builders on the floor.

Here are a few recent pictures of how I'm using the JB sr with the Bolens HT-23. I keep finding new uses for it all the time. 

Thanks for building a fine product! 




Just wanted you to know that I've received all parts/pieces and have it installed and working.
I'm very impressed with the quality of your work.
Please keep building these great products! I'm very glad that I could buy a unit for my old Bolens still made in the US at a level of quality, strength, and durability that compares with the quality of the tractor itself made in the '70's.
I'm glad and proud to have been able to do business with you.
Please pass along my compliments to all your workers. They did great work on my bucket.


Dave M.

Sharps Chapel, TN


Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.


James L. and his JBJr for a Cub Cadet GT3100 5-22-10

I love my Johnny Bucket so much I just sent this note to the editor of "The Family Handyman"  I hope they publish it.  You make a great product!

I read the article about favorite outdoor tools in the June 2010 edition, and you are not even close to my favorite outdoor tool.  This one my wife calls the marriage saver, I’ve had it about 5 years and used it lightly almost every weekend in the spring through fall, and heavily used or abused it many times without hurting it.  It’s the Johnny bucket mounted to the front of my cub cadet GT3100 tractor. It has been used for:
* A large dust pan to pick up the weeds and leaves you pull out of a garden bed or around the yard.
* A place to dump the bag from the little lawn mower we use for edging.
* A work platform for cutting out in the yard.
* Taking all the plants from the car or pickup to the garden to be planted.
* Hauling 80 lb bags of concrete from the back of the pickup to places in the yard the truck could not go.
* Moving those wet piles of leaves left too long in the fall.
* Carrying the load of tools from the garage to out in the yard where needed.
* Moving yards of mulch.
* Moving yards of dirt to areas in the yard and piling or flattening.
* Turning the compost pile.
* Putting in new garden beds.
* Edging around garden beds. (Just plant the edge straight down and then roll the bucket forward.)
* Moving the patio umbrella base, log splitter, mowing deck and other heavy items around the yard. You can move just about anything around the yard with the bucket and a cargo strap.  I added D-rings to my bucket.
* Digging up a stump.
* Breaking up a thick ice flow on the driveway.
And so much more that I can not even think of now.
Now some of the things I most like about it.  I can do so many things around the yard without hurting my back or asking for help (thus the marriage saver).  It’s made in America by a small business.  It easily attaches and comes off the hydraulic front hitch on my garden tractor (used in the winter for a snow thrower). It has endless uses and takes up less space than a wheel barrow.  My advice, forget about the wheel barrow. I don’t even own one any more; get a johnnybucket for your garden tractor any you will wonder what you did before you had it.  I bought mine about 4-5 years ago. I went with the smaller one (48 inches wide) with the bucket extender and the tooth bar.  Although not as inexpensive as a wheelbarrow, well worth the price.  I love it. 
I’m sure your editors can edit this lengthy testimonial down and find many additional great pictures and videos on the web site.  I think it the best kept secret in outdoor tools!
In my picture you may notice the benches from the May 2009 Family Handyman!

James L
Northborough, MA

Thanks for taking the time and sharing your Johnny Bucket experience with us and "The Family Handyman".

BTW, Great idea on the D Ring

Gale O. JBJr for JD X360 5-16-10

Hi John,  Thank you for making a product that actually fits like it should and all the parts were included.  Just finished installing it on my JD X360 and it works like a dream.  I really like the joy stick.  Super easy to operate as I located it on the right fender and attached it to the existing cup holder.  Perfect location for me.  I have included a couple of pictures. 
Thanks again, 
Gale O.

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.


Sam M. JBSr for JD X740 4-24-10

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.


Bil R and his JBJr for a Cub Cadet LT1050 4-21-10

Hey All!,

    I just wanted to let you know about your product. So far it is GREAT!

    I have a Cub Cadet LT1050 and purchased a Johnny Bucket Jr. with turbo dump, joystick upgrade and dirt bar for the bucket. Other than one installation glitch (which was actually caused by the Cub Cadet factory jig that cuts the holes in the frames-they were half a hole off), there were NO problems with the installation. Even someone like myself who is "schematically challenged" didn’t have much trouble wiring up the joystick and mounting it.  I followed the directions to the letter and it came out great! I will have to clean up the joystick install with a grommet later on. Right now I just wanted to get it operational.

    I finished the install today at 3:00 pm. So far just for testing purposed I pushed a small pile of debris off of a concrete pad, leveled some sand and dirt around the top of my driveway and dug into a large pile of clay type dirt that had been dumped behind my house from putting in millings a few weeks ago. All was finished in about an hour and that was WITHOUT the scar bar. If it was not raining now, I would be out in the garden or finishing the drive, but that will have to wait until tomorrow I guess.

    Customer service was fantastic, and I know they all are busy with making more Johnny Buckets, but several times they took the time to really read and respond to my emails with questions. I will be passing the word around about this little bucket. My ex-father in law hasn’t even seen it yet and wants to borrow it after seeing the demo videos on your website! He doesn’t have a riding mower because his place is too small but his gravel drive is a real pain to scatter stones around.

    Thank to all you people at Johnny Products! You saved me money, saved my back and saved my yard from disarray! Keep up the good work and I will be in line to buy another one when I upgrade my mower in a few years or I will get one for my Lowe's brand backup riding mower.


    Will send pics when I get going in the sun!


Bill R


Thanks for taking the time and sharing your Johnny Bucket experience. GREAT JOB!!!

Darren G. JBJr for DGS 6500 6-28-09

This video shows a good technique for using a lightweight tractor and the Johnny Bucket Jr to remove hard packed dirt. Back dragging lightly using the tooth bar breaks up the dirt then forward to scoop it away. Takes time but I assure you it is FUN!

Thank you very much for taking the time to share this video.


Bill G. JBJr for JD LT133 4-17-10


I purchased the Johnny bucket Jr. for my John Deere LT133 (42" bucket with the turbo dump).  Here's a few things I've learned...

1.) Solid construction...heavy duty. 

2.) Very easy to install...and very easy to operate. 

3.) Despite my JD LT133 being on the smaller side as far as lawn tractors go, I had absolutely no trouble with the operation of the Johnny bucket Jr.  No tipping, no laboring of the motor, etc.

4.) I spread 24 cubic yards of mulch in two afternoons...easy!  I could have gotten it done quicker but I had to keep stopping to demonstrate the Johnny bucket Jr. to my neighbors.  (Expect an order of two from the Greenville, South Carolina market soon).

5.) I can't believe I didn't purchase this product sooner!  


I would highly recommend this product!  


Bill G

Greenville, South Carolina

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.


Chuck K. JBJr for JD X500 3-31-10



Just wanted to send you a note about your products. Ordered pretty much the works, Johnny Bucket JR with 2X Turbo Dump, Tooth Bar, Bucket Doubler, Extensions, Johnny Plow, Wear Plate. All of it arrived within the 1-2 weeks shipping estimate. Awesome! This is a busy time for me so couldn't install them right away, but working a couple spare minutes on the weekend I got them put on. I work as a machinist so I know how important it is to hold tight tolerances in order for finished parts to go together correctly. Your product certainly does this! I had no problems what so ever installing it. Very easy!  All holes lined up perfectly, no extra modifications needed. The workmanship and attention to detail really stands out. All of the welds look incredible and not a single edge had a gnarly burr to lop open a digit. All of the small parts were there, neatly organized, separated and attached to each piece, which was boxed up tight to ship. The instructions and paperwork were included and easy to understand. You also quickly answered an e-mail that I sent with a bunch of questions, I really appreciated the fast response, it's hard to get that these days.  You have a great "American made" product here and should be very proud of it! (Another thing that's hard to get  these days! U.S.A - U.S.A)  Keep up the good work!  Doesn't look like any snow soon so the plow will not get any use for now, but changing between the plow and bucket is a piece of cake, so bring it!  Did get to putter around with the bucket for a while. NICE! I see my honey-do list doubling in length. But it should be fun knocking it back. Won't keep you any longer. I thank you , my back thanks you!!!                                                                                                                                                                                            


Chuck K.

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.


Farmer Bobby Barnes and his JBJr for a Cub Cadet LT1024 3-17-10

Got order Monday . Finished up putting it on today.
It was easy to install. No problems at all. Will use it in the barn most if the time. Pull up to stall doors and pick out the manure and load bucket. No more heavy muck buckets to lift and load on spreader. Have been using a 50' round in barn as a stall. It has not been cleaned out for 3 weeks. Took mower and bucket pushed everything up. Took no more than 30
minutes  to scoop up and move manure outside to pile up.
This will really cut back on lost time, keeping stalls and round pen clean. Have plenty of yard work to do also.






Bobby's email

Thanks for taking the time and sharing your Johnny Bucket experience. GREAT JOB!!!

Paul B. JBJr for JD X304 2-13-10

I had to do this

This is the third summer and second winter that I have had this Johnny Bucket unit on my JD X304 and I cannot say enough about this equipment and how will it works and the quality. This is hands down the best money I have ever sent on work saving equipment in my 62 years.

The only thing I wish I had done was to buy the faster actuators, although I don’t know if they were available at the time I bought my unit (first on my purchase list for 2010 summer).

Thank You

Paul B.

Springfield  Illinois

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.
Yes the Turbo dump actuator was an option at the time of your purchase and it can be upgraded.

Dan L.  JBSr for JD X485  1-18-10

Hello folks at Johnny Products,

 Just wanted to let you know I received my Johnny Bucket Sr. on 01/15/2010.  I assembled it the next day and installed it on my JD X-485.  Everything went together as designed and it worked as advertised!

 Thanks for what looks to be a great quality product.  I have been a Tool & Die Maker/Designer for 30 years making a variety of metal stamping products.  Our #2 customer supplies the lawn and garden industry with idler and drive pulleys.

 I was quite pleased with the quality of workmanship and thought that went into the design of your product.  I was somewhat apprehensive about the hydraulics perhaps being a bit slow not having actually seen the Johnny Bucket perform before.  I was quite pleased as they proved to be quite responsive!

 Now I just need some warmer weather and unfrozen ground and I can dig up everything in sight!!  My wife is already dreading spring!

 It was a pleasure doing business with you.  It is always a good feeling to receive a quality product!


 Dan L

Piermont, NH

Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.

Dennis A JBJr for a John Deere Scotts L2048  1-3-10 Joystick installation


Here are the joystick pics.  There are two from the outside of the tractor and two inside the console to see the wiring.  After drilling the center hole for the joystick, I installed a grommet (from the local hardware store) to make for a cleaner installation.

Very nice clean installation
Thanks again for sharing.

Dennis A JBJr for a John Deere Scotts L2048  1-3-10


I just thought I'd let you know how the plow is working.  So far we've had an unusual snow "year" in Maryland.  It's only the first week of January and we've had a 3" snow, a 20", then another 3".  During the 20" snow, I went out and plowed several times to keep the depth manageable.  The attached pics show the plow working.  It's absolutely great!  I mounted the joystick on the upper left side of the dash which makes controlling the plow (or bucket) very easy from the drivers seat.  I've added two John Deere suitcase weights and chains to the tractor for traction... but even then I had a lot of wheel slip when the snow got deep.  I'm looking into ways to add additional weight (including filling the tires, wheel weights, and my preference, more suitcase weights*).  Your note on the website that weights are required can't be understated!!

After all 20" snowfall, I loaded the tractor in the back of my truck and took it over to the in-laws to clear their driveway.  It was too deep to plow at once, so I alternated between the bucket and the plow to move the snow.  The bucket easily cut through the 3' high "berm" of snow and ice that the county snow plows left at the entrance of their driveway.  That pic is rather dark and hard to see.


Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Brian W.  JBJr for JD X534  11-15-09


 I finally got a chance to put the bucket to some real work today.  I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment by expecting too much from it.  But I have to say, you really do understate the Jr’s capabilities!  I have (no, make that had!) some very hard packed clay soil  that I needed to move.  First I soaked it with water and let it soften up for about an hour.  Then I used the tooth bar to break up it by back dragging over it.  This loosened it up enough to scoop up some very big bites.  I was able to dig out a 7’ x 10’  patch of this stuff  that was 8” to 18” deep.  Your bucket + my X534 did in less than two hours what would have taken me a couple of days to do with a shovel.  Outstanding!  No sore back or blistered hands either! 


Brian Walters ( A very happy customer!)

Thanks for taking the time to send us a note.

Dow G.  JBJr   9-27-09

Hi John

I have been using your Johnny Bucket for a couple of years now, and find it to be an awesome little piece of equipment. The most 'FUN' tool I own. It is very well designed and constructed.

Dow G. in Vancouver Canada

Thanks for sharing.

Chris B.  JBSr for JD 318  9-27-09


Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for getting me the JBSR so quickly. I used it all day yesterday and I am very impressed at both the build quality and what it can do - and my wife was too! This is going to save me a lot of time and aggravation over the years. It's a great product and well worth the investment.

Best regards and thanks again,

Chris B.

Thanks for taking the time to send us a note.

Bernie V.  JBSr for JD 318  8-27-09


I want express my sincere delight in the SR Johnny Bucket I purchased for my JD 318. It works just as advertised and my days of the shovel, wheel barrow and sore back are over. Thank you so much for such an excellently designed piece of equipment. My neighbors were impressed when I moved two large piles of mushroom compost to our garden in less then two hours when it usually took a full day with my dump cart. One of them has already asked if he could borrow it for his load of cypress mulch!


Bernie V.

Thanks for your feedback.

Tom M.  JBSr  8-1-09

I am writing you to express my extreme satisfaction with your product. I have a lower back problem and have not been able to do much yard work, until I found the Johnny Bucket. It is a true life saver. I have been able to tackle many projects that I would have not been able to do in the past. I was impressed by the quality materials, workmanship, durability, and ease of use. This attachment is truly built to last! It not only works great, but it is fun to use! Because it attaches to a garden tractor, it is lawn friendly and very easy to maneuver, especially in tight places. I highly recommend your product to anyone who enjoys doing yard work but cannot due to back problems. I was able to move 7 tons of gravel in only a couple of hours without breaking a sweat.
Throwing away my shovel and wheel barrel.
Big Bend, WI

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Paul S.  JBJr for a Craftsman tractor  7-27-09

I started (resumed) my landscaping project tonight after fitting the JBJr. Very easy install (Compared to the Sears Scoop piece of junk.) and the joystick is a joy!  Having used both the Sears Scoop and your JBJr. I would say save yourself the aggravation of having to build then sell the Sears Scoop. Do it right the first time and buy a Johnny Products Johnny Bucket Jr.  I was able to move about 3 times the amount of stone in the same time and without any problems with the motors.  This really is the best!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Paddlefowl-Peddlers  Universal Sleeve Hitch on a Craftsman GT3000  4-16-09

IMG_0092.JPG (63892 bytes)

I just purchased the Johnny sleeve hitch assembly for my Craftsman GT3000 and I am very pleased with this product. The hitch assembly was very simple to install, top quality, quiet, smooth, easy to use and works great.

I just wanted to thank you for making a high quality product, affordable and quick problem free service.



Back to gardening  

Steven and Maggie Robirds

Sutter Creek, California


Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Ernest Lautsch  JBJr for a Craftsman GT5000  4-4-09


I recently purchased my Johnny Bucket Jr. for my Craftsman tractor.  I needed to build an earth berm in front of our mountain residence to reduce traffic noise from the road.  I could have rented a full size tractor for $250 a day, and we estimated the job to take at least three to four days due to the length of the berm and the amount of dirt to move to achieve a height of 4 to 4 1/2 feet.  Based on the price of the rental, we reasoned that Johnny Bucket Jr. would be a good purchase, although it would take a little longer to build the berm, and we would have a loader bucket for future use for many other projects we would like to complete around out house. 

Using the Johnny Bucket Jr. is really a pleasure and draws a lot of attention from passing motorists.   Garden tractors are popular in our area to mow weeds and do medium yard and field work.  I have had people approach me about the bucket and inquire where I found it.  I would be surprised if you didn't get some orders from our area (Volcano, CA).  I have used the Johnny Bucket Jr. to move more dirt than I thought I ever would.  I am now building a dirt ramp off my driveway to make parking our travel trailer in our back yard easier.  The picture I'm sending you is the tractor in front out the 120 foot berm I build with it and this was the last dump on the berm.  I used pallets and auto loading ramps to raise the tractor to the top of the berm.  The tractor handles the bucket well and the bucket handles the tasks I ask of it well.  The dirt in the bucket in this picture is wet due to rains and snow, to it is easy to reach the maximum lift capability of the linear actuators which fortunately notify me when their ratchets complain.   Dryer products like mulch and fertilizer I can easily load to overflowing the bucket and then I am limited by bucket size.  I'm not complaining though since this limits the stress on the tractor.  I have used the bucket for yard work and snow removal.  As one neighbor, whom you'll probably soon hear from, it suddenly "makes the tractor a lot more useful."

I like the Johnny Bucket Jr. and I recommend it to my friends and neighbors.  It seems to be a well designed product and so far is very durable.  I am excited at the prospect of using it on many future jobs.

Thank you for designing such a good product. 


Ernest Lautsch


Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Mike Graney with his JBSr. for the Simplicity Legacy  2-19-09

mike on simplicity 2.JPG (93116 bytes)JBSRLegLHside.jpg (60608 bytes)

Just stopped by your web-site to see what you had new. I looked through the testimonials and discovered I've had my Johnny Bucket for five years now according to the date on my testimonial.
The bucket is on my Legacy right now and is one of the best investments I have ever made. I wish I could keep it on year around. By the way, I put the tooth bar on the other day to chop up some ice in the drive and then drag some drainage ruts to get rid of water. The tooth bar is one rugged piece of equipment along with the Johnny Bucket.
Anyhow, just thought I would let you know that after 5 years of use no problems. I did some tree removal work last spring and the tooth bar came in real handy for lifting and moving. Think I might have to add a rear weight box though because when I lifted one large section of tree trunk and then got off the tractor, the rear of tractor came up and the bucket went down, ha ha. The bucket and tooth bar sure made the tree job easier. Thanks again for a great product.
Mike in Michigan

Thanks for the update,

John K.  JBJr for a John Deere X500  11-01-08

X500-1.jpg (93494 bytes)X500-2.jpg (66827 bytes)


 I got the Johnny Bucket installed and used it on a dirt/gravel landscaping project, and so far it has worked great, been a lot of fun learning how to use it too. And I figure the money I've saved by not hiring a landscaper to do my project has already paid for the Johnny Bucket.

John K.

P.S. I haven't even unwrapped the blade yet, won't get to that until after all the yard work is done later in the year.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Gary Sr with his JBJr adapted onto a Bolens G9 Tube Frame 8-11-08

IM000144.JPG (108957 bytes)IM000145.JPG (178716 bytes)IM000146.JPG (166179 bytes)IM000147.JPG (169801 bytes)IM000148.JPG (143561 bytes)IM000150.JPG (153065 bytes)

Hey John, 

Here are some pics of how the JBJR install on my Bolens came out. They may not show, but I made U clips for adapting the rear of main bucket frame. They are 1/2 X 3 X 5 and 1/2 cs I drilled and tapped the top bolts and through bolted to the Bolens frame. I also drilled & tapped the front part to the cast Bolens frame. Everything in the JBJR installation kit went together perfect, nice work man. 

I made a controller bracket out of 1in stainless steel tube and placed it very user friendly, I hope the pics show it well enough. Took awhile to figure that out. The wiring is inside the tube, real clean and neat. The test run was on a 3' minus or so rock pile, good test, but rear tires spun a little so I mounted the front weights on the Grader Blade arm and got a pretty damn full bucket after. I also tested on a couple of rotten stumps knocked them down and leveled the ground, worked nice. 

Thanks for a real nice product, gonna have some fun now. 

Gary Sr.

Thanks again

Thanks for taking the time and sharing your Johnny Bucket experience. GREAT JOB!!! on the linear lift adaptation and love how you mounted the joystick.. Very Clean!

Readers: BTW The adaptor hitch Gary used was designed for the Craftsman GT5000 style garden tractor and the total package was the same price if interested. 
Here is the  link to the page Craftsman GT JBJr. Along with drilling holes for the hitch he only had to raise his hood hinge.

Don F with his JBJr for a Cub Cadet GT2542 8-12-08

1.JPG (128296 bytes)2.JPG (115801 bytes)3.JPG (142618 bytes)4.JPG (116639 bytes)5.JPG (134250 bytes)6.JPG (112252 bytes)7.JPG (78156 bytes)8.JPG (165426 bytes)

We had a "summer driveway" at our house in upstate NY, no body had lived here in the winter for over 20 years. Last winter we were "pushing through" a lot of mud. After getting several estimates for the 300 foot driveway....I though there had to be a cheaper way...There was, I bought a new garden tractor & JBJr with bucket doubler and digging teeth, took a couple of weeks of on & off work but now we have a solid driveway & a new tractor with a bucket...which worked very well.


Thanks for taking the time and sharing your Johnny Bucket experience. GREAT JOB!!!

Farmer Elizabeth's  JBJr for a Craftsman GT5000  5-08

johnnybucket-001-small.jpg (101209 bytes)
Here’s Elizabeth using it to move about 150 lbs of double-size hay square bales.
johnnybucket-006-small.jpg (91773 bytes)
Here’s the JBJr with about 300 lbs of concrete bricks.

I’m continually amazed at how much we use the Johnny Bucket Jr. The JBJr is a small front-end loader bucket attached to a Sears Craftsman garden tractor. Now before all of you who own “real” tractors laugh, this little contraption is pretty darn amazing. In fact, one of the reasons we chose the $2500 Sears Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor over more expensive alternatives (like Kubota or John Deere) is because there was a JBJr for the GT5000. We use it all the time in place of a wheelbarrow.

Back when we were thinking about getting a full-size tractor or CUT (compact utility tractor), we realized we needed a riding lawn mower anyway, since a tractor would have trouble getting in tight spaces. I figured we could try out the JBJr as a poor-man’s front-end loader and see how well it would work. It turns out we rarely need the use of a “real” front-end loader, and the JBJr does 95% of all the tasks we do around the property. Plus, we know 3 neighbors with full-size tractors with front end loaders that can help out if we need them.

We use the JBJr so hard I might say we even abuse it. I often see my wife scraping horse manure off the ground with the bucket lowered so much the front tractor wheels are several inches off the ground, with only the rear wheels pushing the tractor. We use it a couple times a week all year long, often for moving horse manure around. Sometimes we’ll get a load of gravel dropped off and use it to carry gravel over the next few months, a little bit at a time. We also use it to help spread sand on our riding ring. I’ve used it to pull out t-posts from the ground. The uses are endless, to be honest.

It has never once broke in the 2-3 years we’ve owned it. Neither has the GT5000, and we use it hard. Elizabeth will run it at full speed bouncing over bumpy ground. She will often ram a pile of gravel or horse manure at full speed to get a full bucket’s worth.

I am 100% satisfied with the JBJr. Like the 3 bears, it’s “just right”.

The one downside is the JBJr doesn’t have much height so if you want to make a pile of material you can’t. This is opposed to a real front end loader which will lift material a good 8 feet in the air.

By the way, there is one change that is absolutely required on the garden tractor: chains and filled tires. The biggest obstacle of a garden tractor is lack of weight resulting in lack of traction. I filled up the rear tires with 100-200lbs of windshield washer fluid and added v-bar tire chains. The combination is outstanding and the garden tractor rarely gets stuck. Of course, when it does get stuck, it really gets stuck, since those v-bar chains will dig a hole in the ground in the blink of an eye, and the only way to get the garden tractor out then is to pull it out with the truck.


Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Mark C  JBSr for a John Deere  6-24-08


I acquired my Johnny Bucket Sr. early this spring and I love this piece of equipment. It has allowed me to do so much in short order that would have taken me all summer if not longer to finish. Additionally, it is extremely well constructed and has stood up to everything I can throw into it. I have moved several dump truck loads of mulch, very large rocks, large logs, in short anything that will fit into it and a few things that wouldn't.

Unlike so many things I purchase these days, all of the parts were included in the box. I didn't have to hunt in my shop for any missing bolts or nuts; the instructions were exact and very clearly written; and best of all the unit was constructed precisely so that no straining to make the pieces fit was required. The new Johnny Bucket Sr. went together quite easily in about an hour and I was moving mulch and the rocks.

Mark Carpenter


Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Brian Campbell  JBJr for a John Deere L100  6-05-08

DSC_0086.JPG (304020 bytes)DSC_0074.JPG (240484 bytes)DSC_0089.JPG (273867 bytes)DSC_0090.JPG (128766 bytes)DSC_0091.JPG (88019 bytes)DSC_0093.JPG (110259 bytes)DSC_0097.JPG (180905 bytes)DSC_0104.JPG (172789 bytes)DSC_0103.JPG (213492 bytes)

Hi John,

I have to state right up front that this is a very biased testimonial -- Johnny Products are Great! I ordered and installed the Johnny Bucket Jr with the bucket doubler and the Universal Electric Sleeve Hitch with two accessories; 1) integrated weight brackets and 2) multi tongue hitch onto my John Deere L100. The high quality and workmanship of your products reflects your hard work in design and your genuine care for giving your customer exactly what they want. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about how good your products would work but after using them for a couple of months I can attest that they are the best investment I could have made! I have moved railroad ties, rocks and mulch. Living in the mountains of western north carolina it's hard to find a flat spot. With the Johnny Bucket Jr I was able to dig out a flat spot for a nice campfire area and with the Electric Sleeve Hitch able to grade it just right with my box scraper. Being able to apply down pressure or let the sleeve hitch float enhances and extends the capabilities of the hitch.

Installing the Universal Electric Sleeve Hitch was very straight forward. The documentation was good. The only thing I had to do differently was intall the upper straps on the inside of the hitch instead of the outside as pictured in the instructions. I also attached a light to an unused hole near the top of the hitch. With the integrated weight brackets I can leave the suitcase weights on to give me extra traction while using the box scraper. And the weight of the hitch helps when I am using the Johnny Bucket Jr. The multi tongue hitch really makes it simple to switch between pulling my trailer or pulling the log splitter. Thank you for designing and producing these accessories.

Installing the Johnny Bucket Jr was again very straight forward. You have thought of just about everything one would encounter while installing the bucket. The quality of the electrical items as well as the fit and finish of all the metal parts are superb! Instead of using paint I used some green zip ties to keep the electrical connectors straight. I ended up putting the two Johnny Bucket Jr switches on the left side and the one electric sleeve hitch switch on the right side. (This made sense to me because I like to Mountain bike ride and every control on the right hand side of the handlebar controls the rear of the bike and everything on the left side controls the front of the bike.)

I have included many pictures showing what my JD L100 looked like at the beginning and what it finally ended up looking like. I had fun installing the bucket and hitch and because of the great design and quality of your products I am rather proud of how it all turned out.

Again, thank you for great products and look forward to many years of service from them.

Best Regards, Brian Campbell, Candler, NC

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Jim Lukaszka with a JBJr for a Cub Cadet GT2186 5-24-08

IMG_0082.JPG (107900 bytes)IMG_0081.JPG (105045 bytes)IMG_0181.JPG (102277 bytes)IMG_0179.JPG (92226 bytes)IMG_0172.JPG (115753 bytes)IMG_0170.JPG (100454 bytes)IMG_0041.JPG (66780 bytes)IMG_0030.JPG (73735 bytes)


Good Day, I first want to tell you how skeptical I was when I first went to order this. At first I thought, can this really be so true on a bucket doing so much.

I must say it is worth every penny I paid for it. I built my own house this past fall and with spring around, I had a lot of dirt to level out, move and to dig to get my landscaping just the way I wanted it. I did think about renting a skid loader, but for what they want to rent one, the cost of diesel and pain of going back and forth to get it when I needed it, its worth every penny to own a JBJr Bucket.

This is a well thought out piece of machinery that you made and it takes a beating like nothing I ever seen. I have my JBJr on my Cub Cadet 2544 which it handles very well. As you can see in the pictures I moved 8 yards of dirt, scraped and leveled my lawn, harrowed my yard and used the JBJr and a plow down the high spots. My friend was so impressed with it when he came over one day that a few days later he also ordered dirt for his lawn.. Funny to say- He called me up asking if he can borrow my JBJr Bucket to move 8 yards of dirt also.

With all of the beating, hauling, scraping, digging, leveling I done with my JBJr, the only thing that broke was the 2 large bolts that connect the bucket to lift. I went to the store and $1.75 later I was back in business.

Just as I thought I was all done using this JBJr Bucket, the wife decided she wanted an above ground pool, so with the back yard not being level, there I was once again using my Life saving tool I bought. TRULY AMAZING ON HOW MUCH THIS CAN DO.

I can't say enough about how well this product is made. Its worth every penny and you have a true believer and customer for life. Here are some pictures on everything I have done while I was using my JBJr Bucket…..

Thank You,

Sincerely, James Lukaszka

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

G.  Provo with a JBJr for a Craftsman GT5000 5-14-08

100_2001.JPG (241049 bytes)100_2002.JPG (404848 bytes)100_2003.JPG (437581 bytes)

Thanks. You guys are all right. Here are a couple of pic's for your files. Feel free to use. yes that is chicken manure in the bucket. Moved about 1000 lbs this afternoon. What a life saver this power bucket is.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

K.  Reed with a JBJr for a Cub Cadet GT2186 4-19-08

DSC_3458.JPG (101305 bytes)DSC_3461.JPG (85125 bytes)


I received the Johnny Bucket Jr. yesterday, just as I had requested. Got it installed today. Your instructions could not have been clearer. A very pleasant project to install on my Cub Cadet. I also can not say enough about the quality of the materials that go into your products. Your welds, machining, fabrication, etc. were of the highest quality. The one thing I would ad, however, is a giant "Proudly Made In The U.S.A." decal on the bucket. It's nice to see American quality craftsmanship still in existence, in a time when many manufacturing companies are tripping over each other to get outside our borders looking for huge profits. Thank you for a great product!

K. Reed Colerain, OH

Thanks for sharing your feedback and good idea on the USA sticker,

Johnny Bucket featured in Farm Show Article  FarmShow2008.jpg (411822 bytes)

Mike Heiser with a JBJr for a Cub Cadet 3225 4-11-08

front yard & cub cadet with johnny bucket 005.jpg (297623 bytes)front yard & cub cadet with johnny bucket 006.jpg (283851 bytes)front yard & cub cadet with johnny bucket 007.jpg (227836 bytes)front yard & cub cadet with johnny bucket 002.jpg (262270 bytes)front yard & cub cadet with johnny bucket 004.jpg (267845 bytes)front yard & cub cadet with johnny bucket 001.jpg (288868 bytes)

Hi John,

First I want to say, great product. I bought my Johnny bucket Jr in September of 07. It is a great back saver and really fun to use. Putting it together and attaching it to my Cub Cadet 3225 was a snap. I did it myself in about 1 hr. After my first trial run…I soon realized I needed weight in the back end. So I bought tractor tires and a second set of wheels and had them filled with washer fluid. Each tire weighs about 80 lbs. I also won a weight bar on ebay, and have the availability of and extra 200 lbs for the back. I mounted my toggle switches on the top of my dash. The wiring harness is run through the tractor frame, and follows the factory wire harness into the dash area. I did change the connection at the front, adding a 6 wire trailer connector, for simple 1 plug application…I plan on adding lights to the front…for night work!

Now, for the buckets accomplishments. I had a very large bobcat come in and cut out for my retaining wall, and scrape about 4 inches of junk dirt out of my front yard. He left it very rough, which is fine…never fear. I have a Johnny bucket and a lot of determination. I did the final scraping, leveling etc with my tractor…put out 2 tri-axles of top soil, cut in a 2nd. Driveway, and put out 1 tri-axle of stone. I also used the bucket to transport railroad ties. We didn’t have much snow this year, but on one occasion, we had 8 inches of wet snow. I put on the snow shoe and proceeded to plow my driveway, and everyone else’s driveway on my street! Tip: I sprayed “slip plate” on the inside of my bucket…the snow just falls right out…does not stick. I had to give the tooth bar a try while I was redoing my front yard. I thought I had marked where my gutter drain pipe was, but found out during a very hard rain, I had marked an old one. So, in the pouring rain, I took my tractor out and dug out the right pipe with my Johnny bucket. It did great! Spring is coming and I have many plans for my Johnny bucket, and expect it will do great.

Thanks for a great product…not to mention, I saved about 1000.00 over a factory cub cadet plow…which can only plow!

Best regards,

Mike Heiser

Harrisburg, PA

PS. Tip for anyone installing railroad ties using rebar. You can rent a demolition hammer with a tent spike driver…works like a charm!

Thanks for sharing your feedback,

Richard Hennosey with a JBJr for a Cub Cadet 3000 series 3-30-08

RH1.jpg (54134 bytes)RH2.jpg (51950 bytes)RH3.jpg (52291 bytes)

Dear Mr. Scheele:

I love my Johnny Bucket Jr

I have had the opportunity to use your product for almost a year now. I am constantly amazed at what I can do with it. I have dug holes, moved lumber, dirt, grated, pryed lumber barn flooring up, moved snow...just about anything. I highly recommend it for someone who has to do most projects by themselves. It is like having a second person on every job. It appears to be as durable as the Cub Cadet GT3100 I have it attached to. Yard work is actually fun. If anyone is thinking about getting one of these I advise them to just buy it. Get the AG tires and the bucket doubler too.

Thank you so much for making exactly what I needed.

Rich Hennosy Newark, Ohio

Thanks for sharing your feedback,

Phillips JBJr for Simplicity/AC with new Linear Acuator Lift  1-01-08

100_5885a.jpg (976661 bytes)100_5892a.jpg (1145017 bytes)711281.jpg (356019 bytes)100_5948a.jpg (931761 bytes)100_5911a.jpg (939217 bytes)100_5892.jpg (81754 bytes)100_1419ab.jpg (1129548 bytes)


I would like to thank you for telling me about your latest model Johnny Bucket Jr. designed to fit my 1974 Simplicity 3414S. I had been considering purchasing a Johnny Bucket for several months, but was concerned about having to use a manual lift without the benefit of a counter balance system. Your new model was the answer with its electric lift and dump feature. The bucket mounting bracket installed easily with no drilling in about an hour. With the bracket in place I find that the bucket assembly installs easily without tools in a few short minutes.

I put the bucket to work the very next day at the school, where I work, moving and spreading 9 yards of crush limestone and filling holes with a couple of yards of river silt. With a little practice I was soon proficient in using the dash mounted toggle switches to scoop, scrape, lift and dump 200 lb loads of rock and dirt. At home I easily dug up and moved a large unsightly pile of dirt and clay that had been dumped in my yard over 4 years ago. The electric linear actuators allow me to shave packed dirt using only ballasted turf tires. In a matter of days, I caught up on all the earth work and clean up I had been putting off for years. I look forward to every new project where I can employ this great little implement.

Bring it on!

Thanks again for a well designed tool,

Phillip Fried

Thanks for sharing your feedback,

Ray L. JBJr for a  Ingersoll 4018 8-30-07 

Stump Moving 01.jpg (331347 bytes) Stump Moving 02.jpg (460338 bytes)

I took these pictures on my 2'nd day after assembling the Johnny Bucket. 
These show me moving a stump that has been hanging around the front of my property for over a year. I judge it to weigh over 200 lbs. 
I tried to move it with a wheel barrow last year and promptly gave up after it rolled right out the other side! 
Since then I have moved some dirt and am now digging out another stump in my yard. 
I have a hole about 3' deep and 6' long and almost have the stump out. Will try to get some shots of that too!

I should a bought one of these 15 years ago!!!

Thanks, Ray L.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story. Can't wait to see the other stump.

Mike Witczak JBJr for a  Workhorse GT 1800  AKA (Wheelhorse) 6-27-07 

I just bought a Johnny Bucket Jr. for my GT 1800 Workhorse (Wheelhorse) tractor. I moved 4 yards of top soil in just 2 hours. 

Before my Johnny Bucket it took nearly 8 hours of back breaking work to move just 3 yards with a shovel and wheel barrow. 

What a great product! Thanks Johnny Bucket! - 

Mike Witczak, Massillon Ohio.

Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to share your story.

Joe Williams JBSr for a John Deere  6-25-07 

When I bought your product it was with some misgiving. in the time since I have been very impressed with the bucket. 

I haven't used the snow plow yet but if it functions as well as the bucket I will be truly impressed. With the work I've done with the JBSr. 

I have already paid for the unit. in addition to moving tons of sand. The bucket has proven to be invaluable in "dozing" brush and moving logs around. 

Thanks for a well made product that has "taken a licking but keeps on ticking". 

Joe Williams

Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to share your story.

Scott Harr's JBJr for the new John Deere X304  6-9-07 Part 2

scott toys 001.jpg (49466 bytes)JBJr 003.jpg (68238 bytes)JBJr 004.jpg (70884 bytes)

It seems the more we've been around the harder it is to be impressed, especially in this day and age of claims that seldom live up to their promises. 
You and your products are the exception. 

When I traded up for a new John Deere garden tractor the thought crossed my mind that a comparably sized front end loader would be a neat deal so I searched the Internet and found you. 

After many questions, all of which you answered promptly, and finding out what others said about your product, I spent what I thought was very reasonable amount for something that claimed to be just what I needed: a replacement for the wheelbarrow for the common may with the common yard (that would be me). 

With the extent of my mechanical ability usually ending at duct tape, my 16 yr old son and I had the bucket and electrical hooked up in several hours without problem and as you can see, it lives up to your promises just fine ... except this load would have required several wheelbarrow trips. 

Thanks for a great idea, a quality and fun product, and reminding me that Americans remain the most ingenious people on Earth. 

Anyone wanting to know my experience with your product is free to write me at 

Thanks! Scott Harr, Minneapolis, MN 

"By the way, that's my 16 hr old son on the tractor in the other photos.

Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to share your pictures and experiences with our product.

Scott Harr's JBJr for the new John Deere X304  excuses 5-14-07  Part 1

Hey John,

Now I have a new problem with my JBJr: 
Is it normal to start making up reasons just to use it because it's so much fun? Yesterday my son told my wife to park out in the street after picking up bags of water softener salt ... that way he could take the tractor out to the street and load the bags into the bucket ... after all, what fun is just hauling the bags from the trunk of the car to the basement? We're making up work just to use it, it's that much fun!

We are loving it ... and haven't really even put it to full use yet.

Will send some good pics for your gallery when we do. Just wanted you to know how much we're enjoying it - it's everything you promised!


Roy Mitton's JBJr with the new electric lift and his newly restored 1976 Wheelhorse B100  4-22-07

Picture 362.jpg (228507 bytes)Picture 366.jpg (268692 bytes)Picture 370.jpg (192992 bytes)Picture 376.jpg (170524 bytes)Picture 379.jpg (160618 bytes)Picture 378.jpg (173642 bytes)Picture 382.jpg (196221 bytes)Picture 373.jpg (258748 bytes)

Just finished restoring my 1976 Wheel Horse B100. 

Roy Mitton, Berkley Ma

Thanks for taking the time to share your pictures with our product. Very Nice!! restore. Reminds me of my old Charger 12 ;-)

Cougar's JBJr for a KUBOTA GR2000  2-18-07

20+yards.JPG (1318457 bytes)
I just finished moving 20+ yards of earth. Of course, the Johnny bucket 
Jr performed wonderfully. The GR2000 is all wheel drive. The tires 
hardly ever spun. The tractor was well balanced with a full load. I do 
not believe that  any other tires or counter weight is needed due to the 
tractor's weight.
Thanks for your willingness to adapt your product. Especially, on to a 
tractor that you have not seen.

Robert P's JBSr for a John Deere X585SE  11-11-06

Grave 2.JPG (62905 bytes)Emptying.JPG (56737 bytes)Digging.JPG (57726 bytes)

I've had my JBSR for over 2 years and have used it to move rock, hard packed clay soil dig deep holes and just to move heavy objects around the place. 

There was no missing parts when I got it, quick & easy to install and only takes a couple of minutes to put on/off. 

I have used and misused the JBSR and it still keeps on going strong. 

The tooth bar really adds digging power to the JBSR. Thanks for building a quality product at a reasonable price that will last for years. 

The pictures that I sent are of the grave I had to dig for our German Shepard. 

The JBSR cut right through the tree roots and hard packed clay without any problems and when I finished it 4.5 feet deep. 


Our deepest sympathies of the loss of your dog and thanks for your kind words and for sharing your pictures.

Ted's  JBJr for a John Deere  GT235 9-14-06


Thanks for the update. After having my back yard (previously woods) cleared last year, I had an urgent need for the usefulness of a Johnny Bucket, so I sold the LT180 and bought a GT235 which you already had a JBJr for and more importantly could handle some ground engaging tasks I had planned.

Have to say that I couldn't be happier with the both. Before getting the JBJr I paid nearly $900 to hire workers to dig, level, and help cart in 20 tons of pea gravel over 2 weekends. Could have done it all in 1 day with the JBJr. Since I got it I've moved, spread, and leveled 60 yards of topsoil, regarded an area of nearly 1000 sq ft 4-6in deep, hauled 3 yards of sand back to my son's new sandbox, moved my huge compost pile, 20+ tons of stones, and hauled 10+ cords of fire wood out of the back woods. Wouldn't have even though about doing half of those tasks without it.

One funny story related to the topsoil. On Friday evening the driver had just dumped a 20yard pile of top soil probably 5' high and 20' wide out of his fully loaded 10 wheeler dump truck at the end of my driveway and was having me sign the receipt. He says to me "Looks like you'll be busy for the next few weeks". I told him I expected to have it spread by noon the next day when I was having another 20yds delivered then. Looked at me like I was nuts. Next day he shows up and couldn't believe the pile was gone and asks where's the Bobcat. Showed him the JBJr on my tractor out back and wouldn't be surprised if you got an order from him based on all the question he asked, including for your web address.

With the JBJr, I've tackled and am considering projects I previously wouldn't have considered doing myself. Design, quality and strength of materials used, and construction are tops. 

Great product!

Mr Swyndle with a JBJr for a Cub Cadet GT2000 series 10-26-06

Dear Mr. Scheele, 
I recently ordered, received, and installed your wonderful product.
It has already been put to good use, hauling, moving gravel, rock, dirt, and leveling areas on my property.
It makes those backbreaking chores doable for a senior citizen.
It is better than a wheel barrow, easier to use than a weed whacker, and adds tremendous versatility to my Cub Cadet riding mower.

Dr. R.C. Swyndle, Ph.D., MBA

Ken Reed  JBSr for a John Deere  445 10-26-06

We hooked up the Johnny Sr. to our John Deere 445. Works Great. I don't know how we did without it this long. I moved 2 trucks of dirt in about 3 hours. 
Saturday I will be moving 10 yards of mulch. That would be a lot of shoveling, if we hadn't found your products. Thanks, It's great.

Kenneth M. Reed Vice Chair Aldersgate Umc 4055 Rockton Ave Rockford, Il. 61103

Tom G's  JBJr for a Poulan Pro  10-26-06

IMG_4627sm.jpg (189608 bytes)Tom_GPoulan.jpg (128697 bytes)IMG_4626sm.jpg (175500 bytes)


I finally got my Johnny Bucket Jr Installed on my Poulan Pro Garden tractor. 
My wife and I are building a house and there is a lot of things to move around. 
Here are a couple of pictures of the JbJr moving gravel around. Before we had to use a wheel barrel and shovel to move gravel around. 
This makes it so easy. 

We really enjoy using the JbJr. Great investment.

Tom :)

Martin Wickersham  JBJr for a John Deere 240 9-17-06

240-07-01-06.jpg (617376 bytes)240-07-01-06-1.jpg (536698 bytes)

You posted some pictures in the past, so I just wanted to let you know know that almost three years later this bucket is still my life saver. 
Hands down the best tool I have. Here, I am moving wood to the backyard for splitting. 
I have had no back pain since I bought this. It does all of my moving. grading, you name it. 
Thanks again for a wonderful long lasting product. 
Pictures attached! 
This is a modified JD 300 version to fit my 240 before Johnny Products offered an adaptor hitch.


Scott Vidger  JBJr for a Simplicity Conquest 8-7-06

I've had my JBjr up and running on my new Simplicity Conquest for a month and can honestly say it has saved me over twenty hours of labor in that short time. 

My house requires around 40 yards of mulch each year. In April I had the first 10 yards delivered (a pile the size of a Buick). 

It took me two days @ 8-9 hours each day of wheel barrowing the mulch to distribute it around the house. 
Last week I had 10 yards delivered and attacked it with my JBjr. In less than four hours, I was done! 
And I wasn't exhausted from shoveling all that mulch into the wheelbarrow and then emptying each load. 

This past weekend I needed 2 1/2 tons of (landscaping) river rock delivered, and the truck couldn't dump it into the final resting place so I had to move 5000 pounds of rock. 
This would have easily been an 8 hour manual job, but with JBjr I was done in less than 90 minutes! 

If you do the math, 5000 pounds at 25 pounds per shovel full it would have taken 200 shovel fulls. 
That means filling up the shovel, walking it over to where it needs to be, then dumping the shovel 200 times. JBjr allowed me to scoop, dump , push and grade the rock in 90 minutes. 

And let's not forget using the JBjr is fun! The final math shows JBjr = Less Labor + Faster Job Completion + Fun.

Scott C. Vigder 
Salem, Ohio

Richard Roth  JBSr for a John Deere 7-30-06

Let's start by saying the JB Sr is without a doubt the best tool I have ever purchased to help me with maintenance of four acres of property. 

I use it constantly to rough out holes for transplanting flowers, trees etc. Also use it for hauling water to water new plants, saving on dragging hoses around, use it constantly with the tooth bar for not only scrounging together all sorts of downed limbs in the woods but also for turning over and mixing leaves and compost with soil for the plants. 

Have moved approximately 48 cu yds of mulch, top soil, and almost anything to heavy to carry by hand. 

Just this week since we have had so much rain and the ground is soft, I pushed over five or six locust trees from 2" to 6" inches in diameter and then got under the tilted roots and simply pushed them the rest of the way out and then to the brush pile.

A great little machine.

It's great for gathering up broken limbs etc from windstorms but have been trying to figure out some way to attach something like a couple of upright 1/2" bars about a foot long either to the side of the bucket at the back to keep the brush from falling back on to the front of the tractor! Something like a pair of simple uprights would increase the load and keep the brush from falling backward.

Just a thought!!

I love this thing! My neighbor made fun at first and now he's borrowing it for hauling mulch, top soil etc around his property also.

Thanks again for a great tool.


Warren with a JBJr for a John Deere L series 7-11-06 updated

RRbed.jpg (80283 bytes)RRbed2.jpg (77796 bytes)RRbed3.jpg (79751 bytes)
Hi John

I've attached 3 of the most relevant photos I have at present. Shows tractor
and roadbed gravel which is what most RR guys would be interested in. That's
all I have at the present.
Warren will be using a diesel locomotive somewhat like the one in the photo from
We cant wait to see more.
Hello John
Finally got a chance to send a note of thanks for your personalized service, 
great product and reliable delivery. A++ on all counts. ALSO I want to mention 
that the quality of your manufacturing is totally first class. I was very 
impressed that every hole, bend, weld, paint job and connector, was perfect!!
(BTW how did you make those square holes so nice)
And thanks again for answering my many stupid questions having not done this 
before. Needless to say the front loader works great. And like you said my 
Honey-Do list has doubled in size now that the wife, a former disbeliever is a 
convert to Johnny Products!!
Warren is using this JBJr to help lay the gravel rail bed for a ride on train in his yard,
We cant wait to see the pictures!! 

Jim Allen with a JBJr for a Cub Cadet GT2554 5-13-06

IMG_0212.JPG (149163 bytes)IMG_0214.JPG (155711 bytes)


I wanted to let you know that I received my Johnny Bucket Jr with all the bells and whistles yesterday. I installed it on my Cub Cadet GT2544 (model year 2005) today. Everything worked out great! The enclosed directions were very well done and made the assembly and installation a snap. Every single nut, bolt, washer and electrical component was included. The quality of the product seems to be very good! I owned a steel fabrication company for 16 years, so I can say this with some first hand professional knowledge. The design is very functional yet simplistic, which should increase the products longevity.

I've attached some pictures of the finished install (minus the bucket doubler which I decided not to install at this time). It's raining cats and dogs here today so I haven't had the opppourtunity to put it to the test....

Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service! Feel free to post the pictures (and my email) if you think it would be of value to you or others.

I'm waiting for the arrival of my agricultural tires and second set of OEM rims to complete the package...

Thanks again,

Jim Allen Salisbury, MA

Steve Parks with a JBJr for L118 4-9-06

misc at home in the wichitas 2 - steve on tractor moving rocks 002.jpg (413471 bytes)

Hi John,


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product; my "Johnny Bucket Jr." 
When my bucket arrived I had 17hrs on my JD-L118, now it's time to change the oil again at 100hrs.; not bad for a couple of months use. 
My wife and I just bought a few acres with home attached out in the Wichita Mountains of S.W. Oklahoma. 
We're really getting into the landscaping; as you can see the "Lava Rock" in the picture is way to heavy for my back, but not for my "Johnny Bucket Jr.. 
Needless to say, I tell everyone about my "Johnny Bucket Jr.." 
It has saved me some major aches and pains, plus, I'm finished in half the time, and actually find myself looking for things to do. Gotta have that quality tractor time.

Bottom line....when I spend a thousand or more for attachments for my JD I want to know I got a great product. With my "Johnny Bucket Jr.," I did.

Thanks John,

Steve Parks

Devin Liles with a JBJr for L110 2-12-06

DSC00480.JPG (159278 bytes)DSC00481.JPG (152341 bytes)DSC00485.JPG (135374 bytes)DSC00486.JPG (147124 bytes)DSC00487.JPG (144457 bytes)

Hi John,

I am including some pic's of the unmanned. He/She is a L110 JD
modified. He/She has new 21" bar tires on the rear to handle the Plugged,
Thatcher, Sweeper, and Drop Seeder I have for it along with a weight box
(all not shown).

I used the JB Jr to remove over 40 yards of Beauty Bark. Why you ask I would
I want to remove BB? It is for the simple reason that I have two Russian
Wolfhounds and White Carpet. Say No More.

I also used it to dig a 5x1x120 foot fountain area. More Pic's to follow.

Sincerely Yours, Devon

 Mike Gairdner's  222 Case JBJr with the new Linear Actuator lift  12-4-05

Mikes Case LA.jpg (361644 bytes) 100_0525.JPG (150183 bytes)

Mike wanted to be able to run a rototiller at the same time as a JBJr. on the front. With the old tractor lifted JBJr, he could of only used on at a time because they used the same lifting system.

Jon Hayden with a JBJr for JDL100 made to fit his F725  12-9-05

JBJr on F725.jpg (211012 bytes)

Thanks-for your product! Jon Hayden in New Hampshire

Kevin Nash with JBJr with Power Dump for Simplicity Prestige  9-16-05

bucket3.jpg (407481 bytes) bucket2.jpg (347989 bytes) bucket4.jpg (328025 bytes) bucket5.jpg (382702 bytes)

HI John,

Here are some more photos of my Johnny Bucket in action. Here there was a large willow tree that needed to be chipped and as you can see, I made a platform from several wood pallets and an aluminum ATV ramp. It took a couple of days to chip this tree and the JBJr was awesome. I have learned to spread, scrape and use my bucket to dig and sculpt the ground. I am very happy with the performance even after many hours of continuance use.

Have a great day!


Love the ramp! 

Kevin Nash with JBJr with Power Dump for Simplicity Prestige  8-21-05

johnny.jpg (151337 bytes) johnny2.jpg (119937 bytes) johnny3.jpg (173778 bytes)

Hi John, 

Kind of a continuation of my first letter…Man oh man have I done the work with this thing. I have moved dirt, dug trenches, jacked up concrete stoops and dug a huge fire pit. I am sending just a couple of photos for your web site. I will send you more after I do more on a 2 acre piece of land I bought. 

Have a great day! 


Thanks for the update 

Kevin Nash with JBJr with Power Dump for Simplicity Prestige  6-1-05


I just have to say that your Johnny Bucket lives up to your billing. Man did this save my body. Since I have this I moved 6 yards of dirt, 4 yards of mulch and at least 2000 pounds of rocks. It was very easy to set up and start using the first hour I got it home. It was easy to hitch on the tractor and easy to take off. I won’t ever schlep stuff around my yard again. In less than 2 weeks, I have done more that I could have done in a month. As far as digging, leveling, back dragging, it is awesome and exceeded my expectations there as well. Because it is such a work horse, I am going to help my neighbors with their projects as well. I have given your website to at least a dozen people. I give your product an 11 out of 10. I just wish I would have had it sooner. Please use me in your testimonials. You have a great thing going.

Best regards and thanks for the great customer service.



Thanks for all your kind words and PR, 

 Paul Diersen's  Ingersoll 4018 with a JBJr 

Paul Derson1.jpg (208699 bytes)Paul Derson2.jpg (224795 bytes)Paul Derson3.jpg (145133 bytes)

Hi John,
Here are some pics of the JBJr on my Ingersoll 4018. As you can see it works well and even has down pressure.
Thanks, Paul

Paul had bought his JBJr in 2003 for a different model tractor and recently picked up this Ingersoll. He was able to re use the bucket and just buy a different style adaptor hitch to fit his new machine

Peter Rienzo with his JBJr for Craftsman GT5000  8-26-05

Craft RH PDLA down.JPG (210086 bytes)

 Hi John:

Thank you for taking my order last Friday (8/22). Yesterday (8/25), I received the Bucket Jr. That was quick! After dinner, and with help from my son Nick, I installed it within 1.5 hours and was moving gravel the rest of the evening. This loader is awesome and will do the work around my yard that I have always wanted to get done.

It all started when I bought a new Sears GT 5000 Tractor two weeks ago. The Sears bucket attachment I looked on the store floor prompted me to search for a bucket loader that was powered. Not only is the Jr. well powered, but it is also very well constructed. As contrasted to the Sears manual bucket loader, the entire Johnny Bucket is heavy grade steel thickness with lots of reinforcing welds and beefy brackets. I especially like the way the main mounting bracket is designed & attached to the tractor frame. The Sears bucket attachment is somewhat flimsy and difficult to control. I can not imagine doing 100 repetitive loading & unloading cycles with it by hand. In appearance, it also looks like a mechanical night mare. The Johnny Bucket Jr. is easier to attach & remove, and takes less space in the shed to store because it does not have those long control arms like on the Sears attachment.

Well engineered, quality materials, easy to follow installation instructions and best of all, performance that exceeded all of my expectations. My recommendation to others looking at a bucket loader is, spend the extra dollars and get want you really want (and need)! The payoff is big! You will be impressed!

Best regards,

Peter Rienzo
Londonderry, NH
August 26th, 2005

Thanks for all your kind words. 

James Griffith with JBSr for John Deere  6-3-05

I just have to say that your Johnny Bucket lives up to your billing. Man did this save my body. Since I have this I moved 6 yards of dirt, 4 yards of mulch and at least 2000 pounds of rocks. It was very easy to set up and start using the first hour I got it home. It was easy to hitch on the tractor and easy to take off. I won’t ever schlep stuff around my yard again. In less than 2 weeks, I have done more that I could have done in a month. As far as digging, leveling, back dragging, it is awesome and exceeded my expectations there as well. Because it is such a work horse, I am going to help my neighbors with their projects as well. I have given your website to at least a dozen people. I give your product an 11 out of 10. I just wish I would have had it sooner. Please use me in your testimonials. You have a great thing going. Best regards and thanks for the great customer service.
James L. Griffith

Thanks for all  your kind words. 

Bob P's Cub Cadet 70  with the newly redesigned electric lift JBJr with power dump 5-7-05

CC LA LiftandDump.jpg (881038 bytes)
I mentioned I would send a picture once the wiring was in. The "temporary location" over the left rear tire may last a while as I have some other changes to make. So where the switches are mounted are where they will stay for the time being.

The wiring harness just about made it and the battery connections got extended (using 10 AWG) in order to reach the bracket over the left rear
On the days I haven't been working, we've had lots of rain, so my wife and I are anxious to give it a workout soon.

And again - very happy how well it installed.
Bob P.

Thanks for the great picture and Send us more picture when the weather clears, 

On a side note,
Bob had the great idea of adapting his mower deck belt pulleys into the JBJr adaptor hitch so he could keep the deck on at the same time.


Brandon H with his JBJr. for the Craftsman GT  4-4-05

The wife and I just purchased a new house that was built in 1999. We love the house and 2.5 acres of land, but had one major problem with the house. The patio on the back of the house that was rigged together by the previous owner using patio blocks and railroad ties. I plan to put on a 600 sq ft deck, but had to first remove the old eye sore. A perfect opportunity to put the GT and JBJR to work.


Brandon1.jpg (131531 bytes)

Here is the patio... Some demo has been started, but this is essentially what I was dealing with.

Brandon2.jpg (129334 bytes)

Here is the patio... Some demo has been started, but this is essentially what I was dealing with.

Brandon3.jpg (119115 bytes)


Another RR tie removal pic.

Brandon4.jpg (104876 bytes)

A few RR ties removed.

Brandon5.jpg (88589 bytes)

Most of the RR ties removed.

Brandon6.jpg (79604 bytes)

RR Ties are all removed now... here is the pile.  I believe there were about 15 ties in total.

Brandon7.jpg (61509 bytes)

Burn baby burn!!

Brandon8.jpg (93113 bytes)

Hauling away the patio bricks, took 7 loads of 30 brick each.

Brandon9.jpg (117337 bytes)

Bricks are all gone... hauling away the surrounding gravel next.

Brandon10.jpg (123700 bytes)

Dumping a load of gravel.

Brandon11.jpg (112763 bytes)

Time to start leveling... the fun begins.

Brandon12.jpg (111290 bytes) Brandon13.jpg (90857 bytes) Brandon14.jpg (99697 bytes)

Leveling is done... a full days work!!

Brandon15.jpg (116253 bytes)

Next up was grading the fill.  I spent about 2 hrs box grading and then finished by finish raking.  The finish raking resulted in another 8 buckets of gravel.  Here is a pic of gravel being loaded.

Brandon16.jpg (102325 bytes)

All in all demo has never been this fun. I logged 19 hrs on the GT. The JBjr performed flawlessly, and paid for itself in a matter of a couple of hours. 
My hats off to you John for a outstanding product, at a great price.

Take Care buddy, BTH


Thanks for your kind words and great pictures Love the dual wheel weights and ag tires on the front, 

Mike W's Cub Cadet 124  with the newly redesigned electric lift JBJr 3-14-05

Cub lift 001.jpg (96532 bytes) Cub lift 004.jpg (331401 bytes) Cub lift 002.jpg (322136 bytes) Cub lift 005.jpg (327132 bytes)

Attached are some pictures. I plan to start using it to move 16 tons of Rip-Rap next week. 

Thanks for the great pictures and very nice restoration, 

Tony B. with his JBJr.  for the John Deere 10  6-10-04

Dcp_7488.jpg (49248 bytes)

Hi John, 
Here's a picture of my $500 tractor. In the last three days since I received the JBjr, I've moved and spread two full dump trucks full of driveway gravel. It did a killer job! I received a quote of $2400 to install 5 loads of gravel on my drive, including material. I think that I'll be able to complete it with my JBjr and another 3 loads. Material will cost me about $1000. This job alone will pay for my JBjr AND my tractor!!! I've also had time to move and spread several yards of pine mulch. This thing is great! I am very impressed with the high quality and practical design of your product. I own my own machine shop, so I really appreciate the fine workmanship that you've put into this. 
Thanks for everything, 
Tony Brucato

Hans with his JBSr. and Tooth Bar for the John Deere X585  5-16-04

AAAA0004.JPG (221347 bytes)

AAAA0010.JPG (223821 bytes) AAAA0007.JPG (210253 bytes) AAAA0002.JPG (259842 bytes) AAAA0005.JPG (197632 bytes) AAAA0009.JPG (224601 bytes) AAAA0011.JPG (225368 bytes)

John, I received my JB Sr. for my tractor during the time frame specified. The installation was easy to understand and easy to do. I was anxious to get this new addition to my tractor to make it even more useful. My John Deere X585 has 4WD, HDAP tires, rear wheel weights, and the added weight of the 62” mower deck, and I thought it would handle the JB Sr. well. After having a chance to use my JB Sr. on my X585 for several weeks now, I’ve found it to be very useful. The tooth bar makes the Johnny Bucket look pretty “mean” and it’s effective too. The tooth bar helps with digging down into the ground, ripping through roots, and scooping up material. So far I’ve used my JB Sr. to transport gravel, mulch, and topsoil. I’ve dug out small unwanted bushes in one scoop, dug out my fire pit, and done various landscaping chores. I’ve used my JB Sr. to move 12 cinder blocks at a time (could’ve done more!), move old large tractor tires, and move implements and awkward attachments for other tractors. I’ve included some pictures of my JB Sr. in action. In 2WD my X585 can get a pretty decent scoop of dirt, but when I shift it into 4WD, there’s no stopping it! The picture of my tractor with a full scoop of dirt was done by digging into hard, untilled soil using 4WD – it’ll get a full scoop every time. Just for fun, I decided to dig a hole on my property. I could’ve dug deeper, but I would’ve needed to take off my mower deck for more ground clearance. If you put the JB Sr. in the “dozing” position with the tooth bar, it can be used to break sod for a garden, or even work as a cultivator. I was even able to use it to easily move my rotary mower that is normally too tongue heavy to pick up. I’ll continue to find more uses for this thing as I keep playing with it. As Eric Sparr said, the X-Series seem to carry this thing with no problem, so it’ll most likely stay attached all the time. Thanks for a great product! 
If I find anymore interesting uses, I’ll be sure to share some more pictures. 
-Hans in Ohio

Thanks for your kind words and great pictures, 

John Perillo with his power winch lift adaptation on his Cub Cadet 105  5-13-04

P5130026.jpg (323954 bytes)

P5130033.jpg (332408 bytes) P5130030.jpg (227008 bytes) P5130027.jpg (336508 bytes) P5130028.jpg (183366 bytes) P5130032.jpg (250634 bytes) P5130029.jpg (270212 bytes)

These are the photos of my winch addition to a Cub Cadet 105 w/hydrostatic drive (no clutch). However, in viewing the operators manual, There apparently is no clutch pedal on the right side, so this application should work on other models as well. I mounted the control on a piece of steel stock bolted to the left side of the upper frame. I copied myself on these photos to make sure they came out ok. You have my full permission to use any of these photos. Let me know if I can be of further help. 
John Perillo

We would normally add this to the "User Field Mod" section it was so cool, thought we would add it to both.
Thanks for sharing this great idea with us,

Glenn White with his JBJr. for the Craftsman GT  4-29-04

glenn1.jpg (285850 bytes)

glenn4.jpg (231395 bytes) glenn3.jpg (260800 bytes) glenn2.jpg (271410 bytes) glenn5.jpg (336897 bytes) glenn6.jpg (270122 bytes) glenn7.jpg (398469 bytes)


glenn8.jpg (214726 bytes) glenn11.jpg (423934 bytes) glenn10.jpg (365288 bytes) glenn9.jpg (376856 bytes)    

Hello John,
Glenn White here. I got my JBjr. on last Thursday as promised. I must say you make a high grade material transport kit. Very happy with fit Finnish. When I had a problem on Sat. morning, I called you and left a message and to my surprise you retuned my call asp. I did as you suggested with the cable and all is well. I cannot say enough about this Jbjr. This weekend I moved around, about 70 yards of fill. I have put over 27 hrs. of heavy duty use on it with only minor tweaking here an there. Let me assure you I did more work this weekend than I did in the last 3 weeks. I believe I have done everything with your Jbjr. that you said it would do and so much more. I'm sending you PICS, from the start to end of what I'm doing now. I have much more to do so please be advised I got your kit in 4 days and I have been waiting since 3/26/04 for my sleeve hitch from Sears. So as to be able to use my box blade I bought it at the same time. I'm supposed to get it on 05-05-04 and it sure would have been nice to be able to use it with the Jbjr. Now I have a great home owner package with my Gt. 5000 with hydro unit. I have been unable to find fault with either unit with the exception of the back order from Sears for my sleeve hitch. Thank you for your support with my glitch. A very happy owner of your great kit. 
Glenn White Okeechobee, FL. 
Thanks again Glenn.

Glenn has broken a new Johnny Bucket record for moving the most amount of material in the shortest amount of time.
Thanks for your kind words and great pictures, 

Adil Kadri with his JBJr. for the Craftsman GT  3-1-04

New Picture 018.jpg (202330 bytes)

New Picture 011.jpg (207501 bytes) New Picture 010.jpg (222123 bytes) New Picture 019.jpg (217702 bytes) New Picture 020.jpg (193222 bytes) New Picture 023.jpg (204907 bytes) New Picture 024.jpg (179116 bytes)

Hi John,
I finally got the front bucket installed. All parts went in easy and perfect fit. The bucket trip and reset up grade installation was easy with your accompanied instructions. I love this up grade, I think it's an excellent design. I used the tractor for about two hours and did a lot of dirt and rock moving. Attached some pictures I took this afternoon for use.
Thanks for a great job and good luck.

Adil converted his JBJr for sleeve hitch to a front mount once we had it available for the Craftsman GT 
Thanks for your kind words, 

Ed Greene with his JBJr. for the Craftsman GT  2-28-04

P1010001.JPG (159401 bytes)

P1010002.JPG (167601 bytes) P1010003.JPG (80460 bytes) P1010004.JPG (105021 bytes) P1010005.JPG (123132 bytes)  

Wanted to get these pictures to you. Haven't completed set up entirely but good enough for now. 
Pic 1 - Took black rope off and installed a rod. Attached to link you welded on top of bucket. Rod used to reset bucket. I'm going to use a push/pull cable to trip the bucket. I'll route the cable along the frame and put the knob on the dash like the choke. Won't be able to see it when installed. 
Pic 2 - Different view 
Pic 3 - My back driveway out to my back road. About 500 feet altogether. Hence the grader blade on the back of the tractor. The JBJr should save me a lot of work hauling and dumping gravel, etc. Note no mowing deck. Had that sucker off within thirty minutes of getting it home. I have another GT for cutting grass. 
Pic 4 - The back of my property. There are mountain lions up on top of that knoll. About 5 or six in all. One Tom two females and some youngsters. Plenty of rattlesnakes also. The mountain lions have never bothered us (plenty of wild food for them in the area) and the snakes don't come up to the house much. Ran into a clump of sawgrass once and disturbed a small nest of rattlers. Kind of exciting for a few minutes. Got the heck out of there in a hurry. 
Pic 5 - An area that I do mow out back where the septic tank is. I'll send some better pictures when I am finished. Suppose to get snow tomorrow night - about 7 or 9 inches. Will try out the JBJr as a front pusher blade. 

Martin Wickersham with his JBJr. for the JD 240   6-28-04

The uses for my bucket seem to never end. What a back saver! Martin Martin JD240-4.jpg (209035 bytes) Martin JD240-5.jpg (169795 bytes)


Martin Wickersham with his JBJr. for the JD 240   1-26-04

Martin JD240-2.jpg (212299 bytes) Martin JD240-1.jpg (141021 bytes) Martin JD240-3.jpg (127957 bytes)

We didn't make a JBJr for the 240 at this time but Martin modified the hitch for the older 200 series and said it works just fine 
Thanks, John

Mike Graney with his JBSr. for the Simplicity Legacy  2-28-04

Hey John!!
My life just got easier with the tooth bar for the Johnny Bucket on the Legacy. I had to try it out today and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I have a gravel/limestone drive and parking area that is in need of some attention. The weeds are growing all over and there are too many low spots where water stands in heavy rains like we just had the last day or two. Anyhow, here are some pictures of what I was playing with today. I used the tooth bar on Johnny bucket to dig into drive and then the blade on Bolens to drag/level what I had turned up with tooth bar. I have a roller and a harrow but they are way back on property sitting the other side of some very big puddles of standing water.
Mike in Michigan

tooth3.jpg (161155 bytes) tooth2.jpg (183428 bytes) jobdone.jpg (159366 bytes) tools.jpg (141277 bytes) jobdone1.jpg (175952 bytes)

moving snow 2.JPG (135603 bytes)

moving snow 4.JPG (119138 bytes) moving snow 1.JPG (160596 bytes) moving snow 3.JPG (128609 bytes) mike on simplicity 2.JPG (93116 bytes) mike at rest on jb 2.JPG (132697 bytes) mike on simplicity 1.JPG (138563 bytes)

Hi John,
It's starting to warm up here in Michigan and the snow is melting quickly so I thought I would put the JBsr to work. We have a gravel/limestone drive and every year after plowing snow I have to rake the stones out of the lawn. Today I figured if I was to scoop up some of the frozen piles of snow that was full of stone (and in the shade) that I could move it into the sunny areas on the drive so when it melted the stone would be back in the drive and parking area. Attached are a few pictures of the JBsr with a "LOAD" of stone filled snow. 

John I found another use for my JBsr. While resting after a few hours of work the JBsr makes a wonderful seat, ha ha. It just doesn't get any better than this!! Mike

Mike Graney with his JBSr. for the Simplicity Legacy  1-20-04

freshtracks.jpg (76650 bytes)

PlowedPath.jpg (107265 bytes) pile.jpg (93976 bytes) JBSRLegLHside.jpg (60608 bytes) JBSRLegLHsideuplevel.jpg (220764 bytes)

Hi John 
Yesterday I had to use JBSr on Simplicity to dig out stuck Bolens. :-) Works pretty good in snow. Also had to make grocery delivery to downstairs back door so I put food in JB and made some tracks in the fresh 10" of snow. Problem with little garden tractors is lack of ground clearance. Copper thing in picture is laser cut snow gauge. I believe it's reading 1 foot. Mike

Hi John 
You seen the picture I sent the other day of tracks in snow from delivering groceries to downstairs back door. Here are a couple more pictures that demonstrate a little handy work from the JBSr. on the Legacy. The bucket is great and I'm getting the hang of operating. It is not only good for removing piles of whatever, it will make some big piles. :-)  Having a blast in the great playpen under the Michigan sky. One of the best investments I ever made. Thanks for getting tired of using a shovel John. 

What a beautiful picture and glad it worked good for snow. "Grocery Getting" is another Johnny Bucket first. 
Thanks, John

Jerry Walker  with his JBJr. for the Cub Cadet Wide Frame.  1-20-04

How I got my Johnny bucket,
To make a long story the doctor messed me up leaving me paralyzed on the left side. After having a shoulder replacement of the right shoulder OK so now what am I to do sit around the house and watch TV? Nope we sold our home in CT and moved to Vermont to be near my son now being confined to a wheelchair and seeing all that grass to mow I bought a lawn tractor with 60 “ mower deck. Now with some effort I can get on and drive it to mow the lawn. This under my belt I had to find something to do outside our parking was across the street. This wasn’t what I thought would work for us during the winter with 2+ feet of snow on the ground. The logical place to park was outside the rear door. What I had was years of ground creep.

creep.jpg (55266 bytes) enginemounted.jpg (27123 bytes)
Ground Creep Above you can see the shaft support bearing under the engine and the dual belt drive.
I never heard of this either but one day while looking out the rear window during a summer rain, I saw the ground bubble out of the side of the bank outside my window. It actually moved about a cup of soil closer to the house. I asked my son to scratch around in the ground a he found a slate walkway buried about 6 inches down. Ok so now I had to spend some money and have some excavation done. Now I had a hole graded all the wrong way. Having nothing to do I made a deal for him to supply the fill to level it all off .now the fun starts .I purchased a cub cadet 149 no engine but it had a good transaxle I also received a drive shaft and flex coupling. Ordered a new 8hp Briggs from a supplier, also a new drive shaft and drive plate. engine.jpg (40257 bytes) view of linear actuator.jpg (192775 bytes) son1.jpg (178144 bytes) son2.jpg (209415 bytes)
Here are some pictures of a power lift Jerry added. Parts link below.
New Engine
25inces.jpg (31036 bytes) dozingdirt1.jpg (12860 bytes)
Only 6 inches today Today we got 25 inches Ok so now I have a working machine it just needs a new front end. I bought the new king pins and bushings but it looks like the axel bore is what wore I was pressed for time due to parts delayed arrival and winter coming
grading gravel.jpg (190753 bytes) placing gravel.JPG (171661 bytes) Jerry on his tractor.jpg (215079 bytes) moving gravel for curtian drain.jpg (173399 bytes) MVC-694S.JPG (189789 bytes) MVC-695S.JPG (209135 bytes) MVC-696S.JPG (188751 bytes) MVC-697S.JPG (220411 bytes)

Nice work Jerry. 
Thanks, John

Lon Warren's John Deere 140 with his JBSr. for the 300 series  1-2-04

24 yds 3 QTR Clean.jpg (71240 bytes)

Dumping 2.jpg (86884 bytes) Mouth Full.jpg (82944 bytes) Grading 3.jpg (106686 bytes) Haulin Sugar.jpg (91395 bytes)
24 yds 3 QTR Clean dumping Mouth Full Grading Haulin Sugar
140 at Work.jpg (96180 bytes) Big Bite.jpg (103601 bytes) 140 & Johnny Bucket.jpg (94142 bytes) Grading 1.jpg (99224 bytes) Back Drag.jpg (107051 bytes)
140 at work Big Bite 140 & Johnny Bucket Finished Job Back grading

Hi John,~

When I bought my 69 140 H3 it came with a Johnson Workhorse bucket, hydraulic lift manual dump. In about June of 2003 the war department (wife) decided the 2” washed river rock used for landscaping purposes around the property was getting old and dirty, and she thought it would be nice to have some fresh clean smaller rocks or gravel. After 36 years with this woman I discovered some time ago it was of no avail to argue so to work I went.

I started picking up the old rock with my Johnson bucket; it worked ok but was slow and didn’t have much capacity, I found the Johnny Bucket Sr. on the WFM web site and convinced the wife this would really make my chore much easier. When my new bucket arrived I knew immediately this was going to be a good thing and I went to work. (140 & Johnny Bucket, 140 at Work) The nice thing about the Johnny Bucket Sr. (JBSr) is the amount of movement the bucket has in up & down (vertical) and tilt/dump (rotation), I could tailor the bite of the bucket to the various depths of rocks. Once I got most of the old rock up I had 24 yards of ľ clean gravel delivered (24 yds 3 QTR Clean), I gotta tell you, 24 yards is a lot of gravel for a garden tractor, thank goodness I had plenty of time to work this project.

Starting on the pile (Mouth Full) I began depositing piles of gravel all over the areas needing gravel (Dumping 2), this was quite a learning experience and I learned if I cut the pile down (Big Bite, Back Drag) then scooped I could get more gravel in the bucked with one pass. Once I got the piles around the project area I started my grading (Grading 1, Grading 3). At this point the JBSr really started to shine, with the many angles I could set the rotation of the bucket I could control the grading and depth of the gravel to the ninth degree, and with my tractor in float and the JBSr final grade was a snap. At the end of the project was play time (Haulin Sugar) and both of my Granddaughters enjoyed the day, the pile of gravel is now spread all over the property and my darling wife has informed me of my next project.

Thanks much for the JBSr; it is a great piece of equipment, well made, tough and worth every penny. Couples the quality of the product with the outstanding customer support and you have a winning combination. Best of luck to you and your crew.

Lon Warren

Nice work Lon. 
Thanks, John

Charlie Spieser field testing the new JBJr  "POWER DUMP" on his Simplicity Sovereign 8-31-03

hi John,
Beauty day here today, nice and cool after last rain. We have a long gravel lane that is the right of way, and I maintain it. Here I am filling a hole at the end of my neighbors driveway while he took pictures-this bucket excels at grading gravel, the only limitation being my ability! (but I am getting better at it). 

I will be sending more pics and comments directly.
Thanks again for this opportunity-it sure is fun and easy to use! 

grvlgrd1.jpg (69632 bytes)

Sure is great to be able to set it at any angle and 'feather' the rocker switch while moving. 

grvlgrd2.jpg (155291 bytes)

Finished filling and back-grading. (remember we are picking rocks and stuff as we turn the dirt).
these are in the mule turnout. no problem lifting as much as I can get in the bucket-does a real good 'scraping' job. after this job, I went in the goat yard and got the compost that has been 'working' since spring (I have turned it twice with other bucket) and spread it on that spot I was working on in the garden. (was getting dark and I was working alone, didn't get pics of  that).C

grvlgrd3.jpg (84865 bytes).

The resistance from the gas cylinders feels just right and I can bear down pretty hard with no apparent ill effects.

cmpst1.jpg (72192 bytes)cmpst2.jpg (70626 bytes)cmpst3.jpg (125057 bytes)cmpst4.jpg (138977 bytes)

Adil Kadri  with the JBJr for sleeve hitch 10-15-03

Johnny Bucket5.jpg (152696 bytes)

Hi John,
Just to let you know I have received my Johnny Bucket Jr. a week ago to be exact. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble and on for a trial run. I was very impressed with the capability of this product. I have used it to move about truck load of a coarse ABC material in one hour. I have done some excavation, moving rocks around my four acres little ranch. I am getting more efficient in operating the rear end loader as time goes by. I will take some new pics in action and e-mail them to you. Let me now if you receive this e-mail.

Thanks again for an excellent product design, it really made the garden tractor more useful and pleasure to use. Please keep me informed of any new products and improvement on the present product.

Good luck in efforts.
Adil Kadri

Glenn's Diesel Simplicity Sovereign   with the new JBJr Power Dump 9-23-03

 movie of Glenn dumping and back dragging

PDswitch.jpg (100903 bytes)

GlennFinished.jpg (91617 bytes)

movie of Glenn scooping and transporting

Here is a picture of where I put the winch control. Finished job

I moved 22 yards of top soil in a day. I will send you some a couple of pics.  This is at the end of the pile of dirt. I should have gotten pictures of the mounds of top soil on the side of my house. 


Jim Griffith and his John Deere 425   7-6-03

JimGlow.jpg (102979 bytes)

JimGBefore.jpg (93151 bytes)

JimGDone.jpg (107855 bytes)

Here are the photos I said I would send to you.

Photo 1 is before the project started. I needed to bring up the height of the floor in the garage I just had built. The ground was not totally
level. I had to raise it a good nine inches in the front and out into the driveway. You can see this by looking at the left lower edge of the garage.

Photo 2  shows the task. That is a pile of 24 yards of sand and gravel road base next to the JD 400 and Johnny Bucket Sr.. There is another 12 yards behind the building. 

Photo 3 shows the end of the job. It took two days to spread and smooth all that road base in the garage, the new driveway, and around and behind the building. The price for someone else doing it was the same price as the Johnny Bucket, plus the $350.00 of road base delivered. So, I bought the Johnny Bucket and it is in no way a toy, and I have already found that it saves me time in other yard work. I got the Johnny bucket Sr. free because I had to get that job done myself or have some one do it. I did it and bought the JB Sr. with the money I would have paid a contractor. If anyone has a big yard or lives in the country as I do, you won't believe what the Johnny Bucket Sr. can do. At sixty years old, I can say that it saves your back and time, and most of all its fun. My wife said to me "Do you know haw many other men would like to be playing in the dirt like you are now!" I just smiled. 

Jim Griffith
Rigby, Idaho

Thanks for the pictures and the kind words,


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