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**Johnny Bucket**
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Send us your .jpg's pictures or even .mpg's movies of your Johnny Bucket in use.


Ralph C. this his John Deere 312 and his new JBJr.

Ralph312-2.jpg (93846 bytes) Ralph312-1.jpg (102870 bytes) Ralphmod312-3.jpg (76577 bytes)
An update from Ralph 9-16-02

I have now moved all of the loam in my pile, I've estimated it at 60 yards.  The Johnny Bucket has exceeded all expectations.  I moved large (400 lb.) rocks without any problems.  I filled the bucket to overflowing with rocks without any problems. For all the hard use I have put it through, there is absolutely no sign of excess wear anywhere on the bucket - just the expected paint wear.

The Johnny Bucket has been a real time and back saver.  I never miss an opportunity to show it off to my friends.

Ralph C.
Great product! 
Here are some shots with the bucket installed.  I am planning on using a carriage bolt and wing nut to hold the rope guide block in place instead of the c-clamp.  I wanted a way to be able to quickly remove and install without having to tie and untie the ropes.
Ralph C.

Nice field mod.

Bob A. with  his 1641 Cub Cadet

Bob bought his JBJr. to turn over a big pile of dirt that was put there many years ago when he had a pond dug on his property 
Below is the letter he wrote.

001.Larry.jpg (60809 bytes)
Larry digging the pond
005.Han .jpg (59617 bytes)
After Larry years ago
006.Start.jpg (85673 bytes)
007.Exorcize.jpg (86643 bytes)
Just exercising and warming up the equipment the equipment
010.Push.jpg (80196 bytes)
Scooping load
008.200 lbs.jpg (86909 bytes)
200 lb load
013.Move.jpg (96085 bytes)
Moving a load
009.Dump.jpg (91653 bytes)
Dumping a load

016.Progress.jpg (109755 bytes)

I can't do the same work as Larry did with the heavy-duty earth moving equipment but as you can see, my Cub 1641 and Johnny Bucket are making a pretty good dent in the job of turning the pile of legacy humus inside out.  I figure there's about fifty yards here.
My hat is off to you, John.  You've got a great product.

Gregg R.  with his pristine 1965 Wards Squire 10 by Simplicity

Photo0002.jpg (44365 bytes)

Dear John,
I want to tell you what a wonderful product that you make. I would like to thank you and everyone else involved with the research, development and the manufacturing of the Johnny Bucket. I wish I had your product a long time ago. Here is a picture of my 1965 Wards Squire 10 made by Simplicity. I use the tractor and bucket almost daily. Since the picture was taken I've installed a electric rear hatch release off of an Ford Excursion. It's heavy duty 17 lb. pull to release the bucket. The first one I tried was a trunk release for a car and it wasn't strong enough. This works great ! If you or anyone has any questions please email me and I'll show you how I installed it.
Thanks Again,
Gregg Rapp

Mark H. with  his Beautiful 75th Anniversary Simplicity Sovereign

Sov75JB1s.jpg (61347 bytes) Sov75JB5s.jpg (61705 bytes) Sov75JB8s.jpg (69772 bytes) Sov75JB7s.jpg (64248 bytes)

Sov75JB6s.jpg (56047 bytes)

Love the JBJr ..15 yards. of mulch in a matter a few hours.
Thanks again,
Mark H. 

Sov75JB4s.jpg (56952 bytes)

Larry S. with his Bolens HT20

load1.jpg (71200 bytes) load2.jpg (73195 bytes) unloading1.jpg (74268 bytes) unloading2.jpg (77135 bytes)
Larry loading his trailer Larry unloading his trailer

Larry2.jpg (89242 bytes)

 Larry3.jpg (71983 bytes) Larry1.jpg (87971 bytes)

Larry with a receiver hitch adaptor I made per his request to fit his JBJr. hitch frame

Last September I moved to New York. The home that I bought has some woods and I wanted to do some landscaping. I bought a Johnny Bucket Jr. and I have have moved 11 truckloads of gravel, stone, fill and topsoil. In addition, I had to remove 27 stumps from the property both in, and out of the woods. 
I asked John Scheele to design me a "Front" bumper hitch to attach to my Johnny Bucket. The hitch is fantastic and a real help moving the chipper in the woods.

Ford H.  with his Simplicity Sovereign 7119H and a massive landscaping project

Bucket1.jpg (123698 bytes) Bucket2.jpg (125015 bytes) Bucket3.jpg (51150 bytes)
Ford excavating for a slab
Bucket4.jpg (73599 bytes)
Nice job on the rope handles and eyelets

Scotty B.'s Immaculate California Bolens 650

Scotty and GS.JPG (339583 bytes)

Thank you for putting a picture of my Bolens 650 with my Johnny bucket jr in your Testimonials. Attached is a picture of me and my grandson on my "Johnny bucket jr".
Since that picture was taken, my "Johnny bucket jr" has helped me remove all of the palm trees you see behind me and level the dirt pile the tractor is sitting on. I've been using my Johnny bucket jr for several months now and just today I moved a ton of dirt in my garden. I LOVE my Johnny bucket jr. The guys at work think my Bolens tractor is called a "Johnny bucket jr". Every Friday they ask if I am going to get on my "Johnny bucket jr" this weekend. I just say "yup".
The high quality steel and care you take in manufacturing this product has proven to me that I will enjoy working with my "Johnny bucket jr" for years to come. This product has made my small tractor the most useful garden tool I own!!! 
Many thanks for a well thought out attachment for my Bolens 650!!

Thanks Scotty,
Never before until now, has a Johnny Bucket moved palm trees.
Keep up the great work,
John Scheele

Scottys bolens1.JPG (325379 bytes) MY BACK THANKS YOU!!!
You told me that you didn't think I would stall out my Briggs & Stratton 6 hp motor scooping dirt with your JBJr. but I had my doubts. You were right... The wheels spin when I take a big bite but my little tractor keeps on pushing. The better my technique,  the more dirt I can pick up each scoop.
I LOVE this innovation for small tractors!!!
Will send more pix soon.

Ed V.'s Pristine Cub Cadet 1650

TRACT4.jpg (94373 bytes)

TRACT3.jpg (85497 bytes) TRACT2.jpg (92839 bytes) TRACT1.jpg (100674 bytes)


Don V.'s Cub Cadet 100

cc 100 rh2.JPG (50070 bytes) cc 100 front.JPG (44347 bytes) 100 with duals.jpg (27168 bytes) cc 100 LH front.JPG (51521 bytes)

100 with johnny bucket.jpg (32742 bytes)


Russ R. with his Simplicity Sovereign 7117 and a massive landscaping project

frontnew.jpg (97130 bytes) loadgravl.jpg (89514 bytes) largstone.jpg (95345 bytes) dumping.jpg (100538 bytes)

Here is my Johnny Bucket Jr. before I lead it into battle.

He said he needed his JBJr. to dislodge and remove 2" river rock that has been covered by dirt for many years

This is where he is building a stone wall and dumping the gravel to extend the driveway out from the workshop. 

"This has been a life saver as I would have been spending weeks getting that river rock out of there".

Russ and his grandson helping out on Saturday.  Even with a large load of the stone, he was
able to steer the tractor when transporting to the dump area and I don't have power steering. 

aarondr.jpg (83389 bytes)


Don Swietlik's Bolens 1257 with battle scars 

donstrh.jpg (61366 bytes) donstf.jpg (59251 bytes) donstlh.jpg (52568 bytes)
Tom Schmit's custom gold metallic JBJr. and his high performance Bolens 1963 Husky 800 
TSJBJRRHUPDN.JPG (68240 bytes) TSJBJRRHUP.JPG (66786 bytes) TSRFDMPJBJR.JPG (64644 bytes) TSLFJBJR.JPG (67966 bytes)

TS HP 800.JPG (65018 bytes)

TS HP 800 1.JPG (64683 bytes)

Rick Anderson's Action Movie Clips Using His Johnny Bucket Jr. on his 7016 Simplicity
Movie clip of Rick loading his bucketS front scoope.jpg (72799 bytes)

Movie clip of Rick dumping his bucketS front dumped.JPG (70873 bytes)

When Rick sent me these clips, he said "I lent out the JBJr. this past weekend to a friend who used it to move 20 yard of topsoil in his yard.  He said that it worked great and sure saved time and also saved his back". ( Just think how many days it would have taken with a wheel barrow and a shovel)
Rick was demonstrating his outstanding bucket skills to his friend. Note: Rick's tractor has manual lift and has no problem lifting a full scoop of dirt.

Kent Thomas's Johnny Bucket Jr. on his B-210 Allis-Chalmers
Kent's Johnny Bucket Jr. Review

newly_mounted.jpg (65836 bytes)

Newly mounted JBJr.

grade_before.jpg (78258 bytes)

Grade before

on_bucket.jpg (77263 bytes)

Kent's neighbor wishing he had a B-210

on_bucket2.jpg (95882 bytes)

Scraping w/down pressure

2nd_try.jpg (56358 bytes)

Full load

fill_depth.jpg (152869 bytes)

Fill depth

grade_after.jpg (77243 bytes)

Finished grade

dirt_road.jpg (136993 bytes)

Finished service road

Sam Ericson's Johnny Bucket Jr. on his 2818H Massey Ferguson

2818front.JPG (46178 bytes)

2818rfrt.JPG (46050 bytes)

2818trip.JPG (59988 bytes)

showdown1.JPG (45035 bytes)

showdown3.JPG (71687 bytes)

showdown4.JPG (51819 bytes)

I asked Sam how often he had been using his JBJr. and he replied:
"We have found that while its not a use everyday item it does have frequent
uses like: hauling your tools around the yard, cleaning up trash around the
property, indispensable when doing landscaping work hauling your piles of
dirt and rocks around. I had 3 truckloads of dirt and one truckload of rock
hauled in, all being moved around the property with these buckets. I need
one more load of washed gravel to finish.
 I am amazed at how well this bucket digs down into the material. Its also
nice in that it is a quick on and off the tractor item."
John Scheele's Johnny Bucket Sr. in use on his HT23 Bolens

Hauling Rocks.JPG (130534 bytes)

Bucket Loading Cart 2.jpg (69661 bytes)

Big Logs Loaded.JPG (134667 bytes)

Big Logs Lifted.JPG (127014 bytes)

Bucket Hauling.JPG (48982 bytes)

Bucket Scooping.jpg (36990 bytes)

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