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Johnny Bucket Jr and Johnny Plow Jr for
Kubota G & GR Garden Tractors

Features & Benefits:

  • Installs in Minutes After installing the included adaptor hitch and control wiring to the tractor, the Johnny Bucket Jr (JBJr) attaches with just a few clips and pins.
    disconnected.JPG (209946 bytes)

  • Independent Lift The JBJr has it's own dedicated electric lift system. To lift or lower, just press the toggle switch. It couldn't be easier.

  • Leave the Mower on!! Can be left on since the Johnny Bucket Jr. doesn't interfere with mowing deck or it's lift system.

  • Down Force Pressure The JBJr has just as much down force pressure as it has lift capacity. It works great for scraping and back dragging. Down Pressure Movie

  • Two Attachments at Once. You can run a rototiller simultaneously to dig up and loosen dirt and come back with your JBJr to move it away. Perfect for making gravel walkways, driveways or ditches. The possibilities are endless. (rototiller not included)

  • Practically Eliminates The Wheelbarrow.  Instead of loading the wheel barrow by hand and then having to maneuver it up and around treacherous terrain, the JBJr will scoop and transport any material without, YOU THE USER, ever leaving your seat. Now, you can tackle those big weekend landscaping projects in a fraction of the time and effort.
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  • Ease of Lifting and Dumping. The JBJr Can be easily lifted and dumped with just a press of the included toggle switches.
    JD-GTLX--JBJr 014.jpg (579212 bytes)JD LG100 JBJr w 023.jpg (168896 bytes)Picture 378.jpg (173642 bytes)

  • Can Be Used As a Dozer Blade. When in the dump position, the JBJr can be used for pushing, leveling, back dragging and scraping.


Sold In Black Only

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angledump.JPG (83465 bytes)20+yards.JPG (1318457 bytes)back.JPG (194568 bytes)

JBJr W / Power Dump Lifting and Dumping

Sold In Black Only


Will Fit Models:

GR2000, GR2010, GR2100, GR2110 and GR2120

G1800, G1900, G2000


Bucket Specifications:

  • Width: 42"

  • Height: 10"

  • Depth: 14"

  • Over Travel: 4"

  • Approximate Capacity: 2.5 cubic feet.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

  • Down Force Pressure : 200 lbs.

  • Weight: approximately. 100 lbs

  • Lift Specs

  • Color, Black Powder Coat Only:
    Please don't ask about getting it in yellow.

Optional Johnny Plow Jr Accessory

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$1849.95 plus $175** shipping. Click here to Order a Johnny Bucket, Plow and Accessories.

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