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Discontinued Johnny Bucket Jr and Johnny Plow Jr for
Simplicity Landlord, Sovereign and Allis Chalmers Garden Tractors "Tractor Lifted"

Features & Benefits:

  • Installs in Minutes installs in minutes Just remove the deck and attach it to the tractor's front hitch points, pin the lifting rod and you're ready to go hauling and just minutes back to mowing.

  • Down Force Pressure The JBJr has just as much down force pressure as it has lift capacity. It works great for scraping and back dragging.

  • Practically Eliminates The Wheelbarrow.  Instead of loading the wheel barrow by hand and then having to maneuver it up and around treacherous terrain, the JBJr will scoop and transport any material without, YOU THE USER, ever leaving your seat.S On the seat.JPG (55833 bytes) Now, you can tackle those big weekend landscaping projects in a fraction of the time and effort.

  • Ease of Dumping. The JBJr  Can be easily dumped with just a press of a switch

  • Can Be Used As a Dozer Blade. When in the dump position, the JBJr can be used for pushing, leveling, backfilling and scraping.

Sold In Black Only

S front scoope.jpg (72799 bytes)S front up.JPG (74550 bytes)S side up.JPG (61591 bytes)

JBJr W / Power Dump Lifting and Dumping

Shown as old Rope Dump but can be ordered as Power Dump


Bucket Specifications:

  • Width: 42"

  • Height: 10"

  • Depth: 14"

  • Over Travel: 2" below level ground.

  • Approximate Capacity: 3.0 cubic feet.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

  • Lift Specs  

  • Interface: Simplicity (front hitch) 

  • Weight: approximately. 70 lbs

  •   Color  Black only

Please don't ask about getting it in orange.


Optional Johnny Plow Jr Accessory

More Information


Will Fit Models:        
Tractor Lifted Only
Allis-Chalmers Simplicity
B-1 725
B-10 9 HP
BIG 10 101
B-10 2010
B-12 2012
B-110 2110
B-112 3012B, 3012V
Tractor Lifted Only
Allis-Chalmers Simplicity
HB-112 3112H
B-210 3210V
B-212 3212V
H-212 3212H
  3310H, 3310V
  3314H, 3314V
Tractor or Actuator Lifted
A-C Simp
  3410, 3410S
  3415H, 3415S
  3416S, 3416H
710-3, 710-6 7010
714 7014
712, 712H 7012, 7012H
716, G, H 7016, G, H
718, 718H 7018, 7018H

For an Actuator Lifted JBJr Verson
Enter Here

Tractor Lifted Only
Allis-Chalmers Simplicity
910 7110
912, 912H 7112, H, S, -6
914, 914H 7114, 7114S
917 7116, 7116S
916H 7116, 7116H
917, 917H 7117, S
919H 7119H
Tractor Lifted Only
Allis-Chalmers Simplicity
920H 7790H
1816VH 16GTH
1817H 17GTH
917H 17GTH-L
1718H 18GTH
1714G 14GTG
918 Sovereign

JBJr. To Simplicity Compatibility Chart



Landlords 1959 Through 1991
Barons Through 1991
Sovereigns Through 2001
Allis-Chalmers (including Deuts-Allis and Agco-Allis ): B-series with horizontal crankshaft only, 700 and 900-series, 314 types NOT including 720 / 920
Massey-Ferguson 2800 series only through 2001
Homelite Early 1970 models, made by Simplicity or Allis-Chalmers (models T-10, T-12, T-13, T-15, T-16)
Montgomery Ward Garden Mark Squire, 7 through 10HP, made by Simplicity, whose serial number does NOT begin with GIL (denotes Gilson manufacturer)





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