Johnny Plow Jr Accessory or System for
All Compatible Tractors

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with all Listed Tractors. The "Johnny Plow Jr."  accessory will attach to all Johnny Bucket Jr adaptor hitches or if buy it as a Johnny Plow Jr system, it comes complete with everything you need to install it.

  • Attaches in Minutes. After removing the Johnny Bucket Jr bucket assembly from it's adaptor hitch, attach the "Johnny Plow Jr."  with just two bolts and you're ready to go snow plowing.IMG_0604.JPG (213018 bytes)

  • Power Angling Option: With just a touch of a switch, The "Johnny Plow Jr." can be turned from left to right without ever leaving the comfort of your seat.  Movie from seat

  • Manual Angling Option: Just release the lock pin and manually angle the "Johnny Plow Jr." from left to right.

  • Float Setting. The "Johnny Plow Jr." has the ability float up and down over obstacles using only the weight of the blade scraping. 

  • Down Force Pressure The "Johnny Plow Jr." also has built in down force pressure for scraping packed snow and ice.Johnny_Plow_006.jpg (59063 bytes) No other attachment manufacturer has this feature for tractors this size.

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Johnny Plow Jr Movie

Will Fit Models:

All models listed throughout the website

Plow Specifications:

  • Width: 48"

  • Height: 15"

  • Over Travel: 8".

  • Down Force Pressure : 200 lbs.

  • Construction: 12ga

  • Color, Black Powder Coat:






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